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  • 19 nov 2016

  • In this episode of The Airport Economist Tim is in Shanghai, the commercial capital of China. He gets insights from local business people and learn from foreigners who have cracked the market. The Airport Economist is your guide to doing business in the Asian Century. Led by renowned economist Tim Harcourt, we'll be visiting thriving markets all across Asia to find out what the emerging opportunities are for doing business there, how to get your foot in the door, learn from companies who are successfully operating there, as well as discover the local culture. In each episode we'll arm you with all the knowledge and insights you need to take your business international. Visit And connect on Facebook: Or twitter:


  • Friedrich Will
    Friedrich Will 1 anno fa

    I've often wondered about this area so it's great to see someone covering this. Really well done, brilliant. As a follow on you might think about covering additional entrepreneurs

  • Vir Visque Vir
    Vir Visque Vir 2 anni fa

    This is one long infomercial.

  • Peter Fritz Walter
    Peter Fritz Walter 3 anni fa

    Best video I have watched about entering China as a business. Thank you!

  • Sauga Direct
    Sauga Direct 3 anni fa

    Is it true it costs more that $30k in basic start up costs just to set up store on tmall?

  • Samantha Maposa
    Samantha Maposa 2 anni fa

    This is so helpful, thank you

  • Asad Janjua
    Asad Janjua 2 anni fa

    Wow! So wonderful presentation and useful information. Thanks

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  • Adan barrios cortes

    qye se haria en el transe de muerte y negacion hasta de las pastillas en caso de negligencia y conveniencia si usan 4 horas de diferencia sin saber.

  • Ale Schmidtler
    Ale Schmidtler 1 mese fa

    pls invest in organ harvesting / child kidnap

  • Hunt Creative Inc.
    Hunt Creative Inc. 2 anni fa

    Another useless video which tells you nothing about doing business successfully

  • Rifath Al Nahiyan
    Rifath Al Nahiyan 1 anno fa

    I want to do business and deals

  • Bradley Shimels
    Bradley Shimels 2 anni fa

    The biggest hindrance to China achieving most of these goals is the totalitarian communist government in Beijing and it's insistent persecution of the Christian house churches in China! God bless.

  • Shinji Kataoka
    Shinji Kataoka 3 anni fa

    The right wing conservatives in America hates China so much that they want to see China's economy collapse. Haters gonna hate.

  • Abhay Ambani
    Abhay Ambani 2 anni fa

    India is better for your business