DJI Osmo Pocket WIDE LENS ADAPTER is Perfect For Vlogging Scarica

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  • 6 mag 2019

  • Ulanzi released a Wide Lens adapter for the DJI Osmo Pocket that gives you a much wider field of view. I think that this attachment is perfect for vlogging but not the best for B-Roll footage. △ Make Money using the DJI OSMO POCKET: △ Ulanzi Wide Lens: TOOLS I USE TO GROW MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL △ Get More Views Using TubeBuddy: △ Better MUSIC for your YOUTUBE (30 Day Free Trial): △ Color Graded using this software: △ Best Way to Get Captions (Free $10 Trial): △ Cinematic Stock Footage: △ Step by Step Courses on being a Creator: MY 2020 GEAR KITS △ Camera Gear I use for Youtube: △ Beginner YouTuber Kit: △ Editing Setup: △ My Gear for Client Work: MY 2020 YOUTUBE GEAR △ Main Camera: △ Vlog Camera: △ Vlog Lens: △ Cinematic B Roll Lens: △ Shotgun Mic: △ Wireless Mic: △ ND Filters: △ Vlogger Tripod: △ Travel Tripod: △ Gimbal: △ Drone: △ Automated Slider: △ Mini Slider: △ Automated Jib: △ Studio Lights: △ Camera Backpack Mount: △ Camera Backpack: (use Dovey10 for 10% off) △ Smartphone Gear: △ 4k Monitor: LET’S CONNECT △ Business Inquiries use my contact form at: △ Newsletter: △ Instagram: △ Twitter: Disclosures: All opinions are my own. Sponsors are acknowledged. Some links in the description are affiliate links that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. #creatorfilmschool #vlog #cameragear


  • DoctaM3
    DoctaM3 1 anno fa

    Jeven, I noticed that the image is blurred on the left (your right). Is that because the lens is not seated well or what's going on? Defect?

  • Henry Koivisto
    Henry Koivisto 1 anno fa

    Rubbish image quality with that lens. Hopefully some real lens manufacturer does more decent job.

  • Get It Right Media
    Get It Right Media 1 anno fa (modificato)

    “The biggest problem is the size?” Say what?! The biggest problem is optical quality. It sucks..

  • MarkWmTyson
    MarkWmTyson 1 anno fa

    That thing softens up the entire image. put the camera on a short stick and save image quality.

  • Colin T Head
    Colin T Head 1 anno fa

    What an awful lens, also VLOGing, does not have to be in 'Selfie' mode.

  • Squat the Planet
    Squat the Planet 1 anno fa

    I'll wait for Dji to release a premium version without all the blurriness, that's just way too hazy even for vlogging

  • Maritime Filming UK

    Really blurry on the left?

  • Karel Castelein
    Karel Castelein 1 anno fa

    What an aweful lens. The 'fake' out of focus footage is stronger on one side than on the other. Looks unreal.

  • Brian Rogers
    Brian Rogers 1 anno fa

    whew... that edge blur is bad. Won't be ordering this one. I love my pocket ND filters from PolarPro tho...

  • The Tactical Traveler

    Terrible image quality with that wide angle adapter. Also it prevents you from using a ND filter. Exposure has to be adjusted with shutter speed, no thanks!

  • Uber Jim in DC
    Uber Jim in DC 1 anno fa

    The blurring isn’t uniform. It’s only on one side. To me that suggests that the lense is off center or more likely that it’s a result of a fingerprint smudge.

  • MrJakie
    MrJakie 1 anno fa

    I think your lens is broken. its just blurry on the one side. I got this adapter myself and the image is waaay less blurry on the edge

  • Android
    Android 1 anno fa (modificato)

    We live in a world of blind people..

  • Monchy Films
    Monchy Films 1 anno fa

    Don’t forget can’t use ND filters with this wide lens

  • A. Muhammad
    A. Muhammad 1 anno fa

    DJI should make Osmo Pocket 2.0 but with everything that's missing from the original toy!

  • RobFuz
    RobFuz 1 anno fa

    GREAT VIDEO! I think I will pick this up for my Osmo Pocket! :) . THANK YOU !

  • Chuubie
    Chuubie 2 settimane fa


  • Sarb Johal
    Sarb Johal 1 anno fa

    Thank Jeven - I was wondering about this lens. I signed up for your creator film school and am dipping in for the first time today. Looking forward to it, as a small youtuber, 4 months into my journey. Cheers, Sarb

  • Allen Huang
    Allen Huang 1 anno fa

    Nice Alternative plan! I still hope that DJI could improve the lens and backlight function in mark ii :(

  • The Adventure Chef
    The Adventure Chef 1 anno fa

    Thanks! This accessory looks like a viable workaround the narrow FOV for vlogging. Cheap enough to get 2. I'm saving up for a camera and the Osmo Pocket does a lot for the price especially now that it has the new firmware update and the wireless accessory.