DF Retro Let's Play: Vintage 1999 PC vs Quake 3 Arena, Unreal, Half-Life + More! Scarica

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  • 8 set 2019

  • In honour of Eurogamer - our partner website - reaching its 20th anniversary, we decided to honour its birthday by revisiting some of the most classic and interesting games of 1999, running them on a vintage retro PC with Coppermine Pentium, plus Voodoo 2 and Riva TNT2 Pro graphics cards! Here's our parts list - this would have been a pretty hardcore state of the art PC for 1999: CPU: Intel Pentium III 700 Mhz Coppermine Slot 1 version (0.18 μm fabrication process) with 133MHz FSB Mainboard: Biostar M6VBE motherboard Memory: 384MB RAM Primary Display Adapter: ELSA Erazor III TNT2 Pro graphics card Secondary Display Adapter: 3DFX Voodoo 2 12MB Sound Card: Sound Blaster PCI sound card Storage: 20GB IDE HDD Subscribe for more Digital Foundry and DF Retro: http://bit.ly/DFSubscribe Join the DF Patreon, support our work more directly and get pristine quality video downloads: https://www.digitalfoundry.net


  • EposVox
    EposVox 10 mesi fa

    The Jurassic Park game is like a VR game concept

  • The Man in Black
    The Man in Black 1 anno fa

    "This is Crysis before Crysis."

  • moeFang
    moeFang 1 anno fa

    Should have kept mouse cursor over the install progress bar.

  • Scott Douglas
    Scott Douglas 1 anno fa

    DF dips their toe into LGR territory and he assists them in doing it - love everything about it.

    MR RATCHET 1 anno fa

    Fun fact - Quake 3 Arena on version 1.16n with the DC map pack installed is still cross platform with the Dreamcast version!

  • Selim Nazar
    Selim Nazar 1 anno fa

    I bet the "looking down" trick to improve performance must have caused some awkward moments in the Linneman's household when John played Trespasser.

  • RaceToNowhere
    RaceToNowhere 1 anno fa

    This video talks to my heart in such a deep way. Those years were my apex, I had a Vodoo1 and a 300 mhz PII, I struggled to make these games work at 512x384 and I often swapped between resolutions to reach for a playable frame rate. My original copies with discoloured CD keys are still there, also Unreal and the Dreamcast versions as well. I also have the unreleased DC version of the first HL, and played all the way through it even if it asks for 50 memory blocks on the VMU. I live in the past, I can recognize it, and to me that will always taste like the future, it still does... to me the first HL feels like modern and fresh, there must be some kind of glitch going on with my perceptio of time. I will probably end up somewhere in those years when I'll die, a sort of time chamber isolated in a parallel dimension, with my family intact, my beloved pets, some old friends lost in time, the September wind and games.

  • Imgema
    Imgema 1 anno fa

    Playing on CRT in 2019 should be considered an upgrade.

  • DJ Smartbomb
    DJ Smartbomb 1 anno fa

    3DFX. Wow. That takes me back to my childhood.

  • clericstorm2009
    clericstorm2009 1 anno fa

    Please do a video showing modern games on CRT monitor.

  • Wolfenstrike
    Wolfenstrike 1 anno fa

    Trespasser still looks and runs WAY better than ARK on the Switch though.

  • Exploited89
    Exploited89 1 anno fa

    Please do an episode on Trespasser! Amazing game... sort of 🙈

  • Ed Williams
    Ed Williams 1 anno fa

    Rich is a funny guy, had a good laugh with this

  • Skyler
    Skyler 1 anno fa

    I dream for an RTX mod for Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament 99

  • joesaiditstrue
    joesaiditstrue 1 anno fa

    should do a video playing tribes, it was huge in the 90s

  • Nik
    Nik 1 anno fa

    So glad to see you guys show respect for CRT. I always felt like starcraft had a gloomier, grittier vibe when playing it on a CRT back in the day.

  • ww2v2
    ww2v2 1 anno fa


  • Drew Waterbury
    Drew Waterbury 1 anno fa (modificato)

    adoring all of the CRT worship in this video, 10/10

  • sssesoj
    sssesoj 1 anno fa

    playing on a CRT tv was way better than on anything I have owned now in terms of input lag/response time.

  • CeilloNoll
    CeilloNoll 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Richard having such a good time, keep giggling on the background