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  • Trasmesso in live streaming il giorno 30 dic 2019

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  • Health ips
    Health ips 8 mesi fa

    Well sir .

  • Karan Kumar IIT Roorkee


  • ANIKET •10 years ago


  • Avadhi Yadav
    Avadhi Yadav 8 mesi fa

    My new year resolution is I will achieve 95% in 10 the class

    VISHAL GEDIYA 8 mesi fa

    Sir HSC Commerce Board Exam Ma aane Vale interview questions per ek Video Banav please...🙏

  • CrypMar-T
    CrypMar-T 8 mesi fa

    Pls do a live steam on new year 1 January I never ever joined your live stream and I want to join it

  • Dr. Prakhar Gupta {AIIMS-D}

    Sir I am also facing the same situation of money to buy the books and I have registered on giveaway but please help me

  • Kartar Singh
    Kartar Singh 8 mesi fa

    sir, I want to Polytechnic student teaching 2nd semester

  • Parthiv Lakhani
    Parthiv Lakhani 8 mesi fa


  • Whats About Study!
    Whats About Study! 8 mesi fa


  • Ankit kumar
    Ankit kumar 8 mesi fa

    The best channel for learning English that I have ever seen on you tube.

  • Himansu Kumar Pradhan


  • Liton Borah
    Liton Borah 8 mesi fa

    Thank you sir for being such amazing guides towards the students of all.over india❤

  • Ashutosh Jha
    Ashutosh Jha 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    Aap teeno sir ko "Happy New year" in advance...

  • Vaidik Sharma
    Vaidik Sharma 8 mesi fa

    Great step sir for empowering financially unpriviledged students and to shape this nation for its best.

  • Durgesh Chahar
    Durgesh Chahar 8 mesi fa

    Please make a video

  • Rahul Kumar Saw
    Rahul Kumar Saw 8 mesi fa

    Sir Please Give Me The Book I Have Nothing Much Money To Buy The EDUCART Sample Book Please Please Sir

  • Mohammed Aman
    Mohammed Aman 8 mesi fa

    Sir I am in 9th class but I am preparing for 10th class too from this year.3 month only left to enter 10th class I registered the book

  • Jagjeet pratap Mohapatra

    My new year resolution is to run any how struggling and working hard to achieve my comment

  • Anita Yadav
    Anita Yadav 8 mesi fa

    Wow great work done by my favourite dear sir and educart.