De Gea better than Schmeichel and Seaman? | Arsenal 1-3 Man Utd | Astro SuperSport Scarica

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  • 2 dic 2017

  • Former Arsenal great Sol Campbell believes David De Gea is as good if not better than his former teammate David Seaman in goal. Campbell was in Malaysia for Astro SuperSport's Live EPL coverage of the English Premier League.


  • Olufunmi Daniel
    Olufunmi Daniel 2 anni fa

    There's no goalkeeper as good as De Gea at the moment.

  • No Bias
    No Bias 2 anni fa

    Who would have known that Heskey almost scored on a future record-breaking keeper?

  • Zulkarnain Md Ali
    Zulkarnain Md Ali 2 anni fa

    De gea is the best goal keeper in marikh

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 2 anni fa

    Undeniably no1 in the whole universe. Period.

  • The TO
    The TO 2 anni fa

    I love him but I love Edwin van Der sar more

  • Xyhannz. 00
    Xyhannz. 00 2 anni fa

    De gea is absolutely the best 💪

  • hairul nizam
    hairul nizam 2 anni fa

    Very best goalkeeper in the world..amazing De Gea..

  • mizst101
    mizst101 2 anni fa (modificato)

    lol what has de gea done or won?

  • אלמנו tadaga
    אלמנו tadaga 2 anni fa

    schmichael is the best goalkepper in the world all the time

  • Leonard Munishi
    Leonard Munishi 2 anni fa

    man nice scoreeee

  • Pang Great
    Pang Great 2 anni fa

    Dope test needed.

  • SuperCoach Swan
    SuperCoach Swan 2 anni fa

    If Dea Gea left Man United would they be as good?

  • Noordin Sentamu
    Noordin Sentamu 2 anni fa

    Wait for debrune

  • Shazlan Amirul Hasan

    De Gea is an amazing goalkeeper. He made a lot of crucial saves for man united in that game and most of the game he played. But i wonder why nobody question how arsenal's players finish the ball?

  • Sam Mulder
    Sam Mulder 2 anni fa

    Better than Schmeichel? Hell no, not yet! Schmeichel is a LEGEND. De Gea? He's a good goalkeeper of a better than mediocre theam.

  • Kelvin Wong
    Kelvin Wong 2 anni fa

    De Gea is now the worlds best keeper....btw Neuer who???? Oh yea the guy not even showing up for training.

  • Young Azaan
    Young Azaan 2 anni fa

    De gea is the best Kepler in the world for sure!!!

  • スラッシャ
    スラッシャ 2 anni fa

    not even once a golden glove pure shite i remember the days when he conceded goals from every angle from palace burnley mkdons etc the team is shite his doin his job

  • JoiKiang Pang
    JoiKiang Pang 2 anni fa

    Nonsense. Crazy pundits and no brainer. Schmeichel is the best