Day in the Life of a Cover Band - The Pork Tornadoes (Ep- 2) Scarica

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  • 23 apr 2018

  • The Pork Tornadoes travel to Des Moines, IA to play their 500th career show to a sold out crowd at Woolys. Blizzard conditions, late night after hours, terrible next morning load out. Apple Music: Spotify: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website:


  • Lee Weber
    Lee Weber 2 anni fa

    Wait a second... was that Brent back on guitar?!

  • gianni leake
    gianni leake 2 anni fa

    Right wanna come see you live! Think your amazing!!

  • Chris Holden
    Chris Holden 2 anni fa

    Congratulations on the sold out show guys! Keep rockin! Hope to catch a show soon!

  • gianni leake
    gianni leake 2 anni fa

    You need to come play in kings Lynn Norfolk!!

  • Louisiana
    Louisiana 1 anno fa (modificato)

    That's it, I'm putting a tip jar out :) Time to come out of the bedroom after 12 years of being shy.

  • CatelynMac
    CatelynMac 2 anni fa

    Yall guys are awesome! 👍❤❤

  • jeremy leneave
    jeremy leneave 2 anni fa

    You guys be safe on the road. Keep rocking boys!

  • Rose Rae
    Rose Rae 1 anno fa

    Love you guys...hehee got here b4 my best friend Kath...shes gunna kill me, lol..

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 2 anni fa

    Sold out! Right on!!!!!!

  • Mike Mullinex
    Mike Mullinex 2 anni fa

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! Drive safe Michael........Michael??

  • Yvette Zamora
    Yvette Zamora 2 anni fa (modificato)

    Still loving MY PORK TORNADOES! Y'all are soooooooooo crazy! LOL My kind of people! Eagerly awaiting a show near me!

  • Razor Bear
    Razor Bear 2 anni fa

    Bad ass band. Glad I found these guys.

  • brent L
    brent L 2 anni fa

    You guys should do a cover of white lines by six60.

  • Wes Gade
    Wes Gade 2 anni fa

    Best. Video. Ever.

  • jr robinson
    jr robinson 2 anni fa

    I live in Marietta Ohio it'd be awesome if you guys did a show here