(D)om(esk)ic Violence Scarica

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  • 15 ago 2018

  • oh how the turntables


  • Reblocka
    Reblocka 2 anni fa (modificato)

    transition at

  • Sumeme
    Sumeme 2 anni fa

    I hope jimmy has a good lawyer

  • Merlin Merlout
    Merlin Merlout 2 anni fa

    This is ...so deep

  • Phil Jamesson
    Phil Jamesson 2 anni fa

    david you've done a great job here. i would like to once more encourage you to continue doing good work

  • Pablo Escoba
    Pablo Escoba 2 anni fa

    These are the kind of videos im glad to come across.

  • JeffJeffTV
    JeffJeffTV 2 anni fa

    I don’t know what I expected

  • Liam Spence
    Liam Spence 2 anni fa

    Dammit david you've done it again

  • Jimmy Blanco
    Jimmy Blanco 2 anni fa

    Press 9 really fast!

  • Tommy
    Tommy 2 anni fa


  • casinomann
    casinomann 1 anno fa

    The "Elvis!" makes it every time

  • Mattis Torede
    Mattis Torede 2 anni fa

    reminding me why im subscribed

  • Joel Byberg
    Joel Byberg 2 anni fa

    You deserve more views :)

  • Exvious
    Exvious 1 anno fa

    God you should see pelo’s relationship

  • Milk
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    This is the content I subscribed for

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    And just like that, youve earned a sub

  • Sean Walsh
    Sean Walsh 2 anni fa

    Thought it was gonna be Eric Andre related

  • Ash
    Ash 1 anno fa (modificato)

    he predicted the Jimmy fallon meme before it was a thing!

  • Robobglob
    Robobglob 8 mesi fa

    om ic

  • Butterscotch Cookies

    omic violence?

  • Elegant Fondue
    Elegant Fondue 7 mesi fa

    Omic violence?