Crush a Car with a Blippi Excavator | Learn English Spelling for Toddlers Scarica

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  • 28 lug 2018

  • Blippi crush video is a fun way for your child to learn how to spell CRUSH! Blippi videos are fun educational videos for toddlers where he ties in learning with fun! Blippi crushes a car with an excavator. This Blippi crush video also has the Blippi Excavator Song. This fun excavators for children video will teach them about and how to spell the word crush. To watch more fun videos for toddlers, subscribe to Blippi at Full Blippi playlist: The Excavator Song by Blippi - Diggers for children : Thanks for learning about the word crush with the Blippi Car Crush video. If you would like to watch this video again, just search for Blippi Car Crush! They will learn some letters from the ABC's. If your child loves Blippi, be sure to check out online for the Blippi merchandise like t-shirts, plush doll, action figure, books, etc! Another fun video similar to this Blippi Car Crush video is the Blippi Truck Wash video at