Cornelia Street - Taylor Swift Cover Scarica

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  • 27 set 2019

  • Here I am again after like a year (so sorry hahahah) for the lack of YouTube videos I have loads of my own music set to be released from January which I'm soo excited about! I've worked real hard on it all and can't wait to be able to share it with you ❤️ but for now, here is a cover of my favourite song off Taylor Swifts gorgeous new album Lover, hope you like it x


  • Kyrene Pua
    Kyrene Pua 11 mesi fa

    found you because of Jodie. anw, this cover is beautifullll ❤️

  • Music by Cara
    Music by Cara 11 mesi fa

    Hey girl! I actually loved this! AWESOME job. 💁🏼‍♀️☀️💙💙

  • Raquel Caicedo
    Raquel Caicedo 11 mesi fa

    You had me at we were in the backseat drunk on something stronger than the drinks in the bar

  • lovefromcaitlin wheatley

    Shannon 🥰🥰 I love it ❤️

  • vered cohen
    vered cohen 11 mesi fa

    Your so talented. This is definitely one of my favourite songs off of the album and u did an amazing job. Subbed, hope we can support each other :)

  • Karla Gabriela Farías Guzmán

    Since you did the “getaway car” cover I knew you will do an amazing job for this song!

  • Morgan St. Jean
    Morgan St. Jean 11 mesi fa

    You’re amazing

  • Drew Bernstein
    Drew Bernstein 11 mesi fa

    Holy crap, it's wonderful to see new music from you again! Breathtaking performance, wow!!! I could almost cry at how beautiful your voice is in this. Big love and support from long time fans in New York.

  • Diana Flynn
    Diana Flynn 11 mesi fa

    i love this so much omfg

  • Priti Kumari
    Priti Kumari 9 mesi fa

    Can't take eyes off your eyes ❤

  • Prita Bunga
    Prita Bunga 2 mesi fa

    this is amazing whattt

  • Jodie Mellor
    Jodie Mellor 11 mesi fa


  • J Hustl3
    J Hustl3 11 mesi fa


  • catalina martin mancilla

    Loving u

  • country life
    country life 1 mese fa


  • Elmer Bendaño
    Elmer Bendaño 10 mesi fa

    Wow nice cover