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  • 5 lug 2019

  • Special Guest OwTreyalP is here to deliver 1 tip per hero. If you're Climbing into Diamond and Above these tips are for you. Here's Climbing into Diamond and Above, 1 Tip per Hero! By OwTreypal Video by OwTreyalP Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Production Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound #TGN #Overwatch #OverwatchTips


  • TGN
    TGN 1 anno fa

    Any other tips to share? Let us know.

  • Just Gwabity
    Just Gwabity 1 anno fa

    The fact that this wasn't in alphabetical order triggers me

  • Myth Mage
    Myth Mage 1 anno fa

    If he left Widow at "Just aim better", that would have been HELLA accurate.

  • James Hattenhauer
    James Hattenhauer 1 anno fa

    One Zen tip is to use discord orb as a sudo wall hack cause you can see the effect through walls

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 1 anno fa

    I literally just got dropped from gold to silver, why am I watching this

  • BatzVermin
    BatzVermin 1 anno fa

    Oh hey Kar Q uploaded

  • owTreyalP - Dragon Ball Z, Anime, and More!

    i didn't realize this uploaded already! but this was my first time upload for TGN! i do hope you guys enjoyed it, I had a blast doing it! ;3

  • metalfaust19
    metalfaust19 1 anno fa

    people stuck in 2900:

  • Azzy ÒwÓ
    Azzy ÒwÓ 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Doing the super jump is also risky and takes a lot of practice. People say that Mercy is broken but the super jump actually "makes" Mercy.

  • AE86 Hunter
    AE86 Hunter 1 anno fa

    The lucio section was kind of bad. I am a Masters/Diamond Lucio player and I use speed for peeling, taxiing, and for pushing.

  • Eyevou
    Eyevou 1 anno fa

    "Lower ranks, plat and diamond" excuse me? what?

  • Kalliakman
    Kalliakman 1 anno fa

    If it's for ult, ok, but use the amp on speed to initiate fights and pass the choke. Initiate a fight with beat while on speed aura and use amp afterwards if needed for healing. Playing passively as lucio is like buying an $5k ipad and using it to cut bread on. Practice your wallride, learn rollouts for the maps, learn combos to dive snipers and ability management. I am gold and all these have helped me a lot.

  • MuDelom
    MuDelom 1 anno fa

    tip with mercy: damage! boost! always damage boost when you can. it gives you ult charge and provides more utility for your team, especially with her chain beam in valkyrie.

  • Quinten MC
    Quinten MC 1 anno fa


  • ChibEevee 147
    ChibEevee 147 1 anno fa (modificato)

    For Mercy:

  • Freestile148
    Freestile148 1 anno fa

    Thanks to you I'm Silver now :) (was Plat)

  • Abc12tree :D
    Abc12tree :D 1 anno fa

    Im a high diamond player but a lot of these aren't really the best tips imo

  • Sarspastisch
    Sarspastisch 1 anno fa


  • SV
    SV 1 anno fa