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  • 18 gen 2019

  • The World's Most Expensive Dog: The Chinese Tibetan Mastiff is the larger cousin to the ancient Tibetan Mastiff - Bred to look like a Lion and said to possess real Lion's blood. Some dogs have been reportedly sold for in excess of 1 - 2 million dollars in China, are thought to be wolf killers, ferocious defenders of people's property....but is all of this really true, or are they just lovely house hold pets? Animal Watch's Anneka visits 2 huge Tibetan Mastiffs in the UK and explains the truth about this breed. To find out more about the Tibetan Mastiffs in the film, you can visit the facebook page here: Or Instagram @uniquefrenchies1 and @elite_bullyz_ To subscribe to our channels click here: (Animal Watch) and (GreenWorldTV) Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: @annekasvenskaofficial Anneka's website: Presented & Produced by Anneka Svenska Filmed and Edited By Ellen Hope Cobb Featuring Dave Holt of UK Lion Dogs A GreenWorldTV Production #AnimalWatch


  • Animal Watch
    Animal Watch 1 anno fa

    This is The Worlds Most Expensive Dog - The Chinese Tibetan Mastiff - Also reported to have Lion Blood, be able to defend against wolves and guard with great ferocity - I hope you enjoy this week's episode of this epic dog and thanks for supporting our weekly show x

  • GingerPale
    GingerPale 8 mesi fa

    Bruh, lion blood? They can't mate a kitty with a puppy my guy. I just don't know that it works like that

  • More Skittles
    More Skittles 8 mesi fa

    that's not a dog. That's a lions cousin.

  • War
    War 9 mesi fa

    They are Chow-Chows in steroids.

  • NYC Entrepreneur
    NYC Entrepreneur 1 anno fa

    Not sure I get the connection between “worlds most expensive dog” vs “there are thousands of them roaming around in camps because they can’t be sold”

  • The Kirk
    The Kirk 1 anno fa (modificato)

    How about the world's cheapest dog? You know, the one roaming around in the street or at the local pound! He/she need forever homes too. Also, even the most "well-intentioned" breeder offers no choice over reproduction. A female dog should have reproductive rights and I'm amazed this doesn't resonate with the ladies who are pro breeder and puppy mill. Let's move forward at warp speed!

  • Neevkl _7
    Neevkl _7 1 anno fa

    I'll take a regular Tibetan mastiff thank you

  • Adam
    Adam 11 mesi fa

    Me: I want a Tibetan Mastiff

  • Tsering
    Tsering 5 mesi fa

    In my village tibetan mastiff are scared animal and we have a story where one fought off a bear to protect its owner so to see them being used and experimented to look so unhealthy is sad. China has no emotions against animal and human

  • Tessa Brie
    Tessa Brie 4 mesi fa

    Tibetan Mastiffs in Tibet are respected and deeply cared for. Sadly, the Chinese are taking them away from their land and selling them for a lot of money

  • Rose BunBun
    Rose BunBun 1 anno fa

    An animal that needs it's eye skin stapled and isn't allowed to run when it's young because it causes joint damage...probably shouldn't exist. Humans shouldn't be creating these animals for their own selfish purposes.

  • Danson Saldanha
    Danson Saldanha 1 anno fa

    Female Tibetian mastiff : jumps to impress the male.

  • Rohit Nag
    Rohit Nag 4 mesi fa

    Chinese Tibetan Mastiff? That's an oxymoron. It's Tibetan mastiff, endemic to Tibet which China has occupied illegally. And the breed has undergone massive amounts of breeding experiments which has diluted its bloodline and caused massive health problems in the breed.

  • tenzin singe
    tenzin singe 4 mesi fa

    It’s actually called the Tibetan mastiff it’s not chines Tibetan mastiff

  • Thetatek
    Thetatek 6 mesi fa

    Finally a fairly accurate news report on some of the difference between True Tibetan Mastiffs and the Chinese Mastiff (AKA Chinese Tibetan Mastiff). Note the differences that are mentioned. The CM own interviewed made it clear that the CM breed is not capable of performing as a flock guardian and he makes note that he must limit their activity because they are very large and will hurt themselves because of the strain on their joints. It is also noted that they could not survive as a working dog in Tibet. It is also mentioned that they are to slow and uncoordinated to be wolf killers one of the major jobs of TMs in Tibet. The health and life span of the CMs are poor compared TMs. This is not directly stated in the video but it is a fact that they have life spans about 60% shorter than TMs and many health issues. It is also stated that these CMs have their esteres once a year in the spring. The majority of TMs have their once a year esteres in late September-November time frame. The narrator used the excuse that the CMs have their esteres in the Spring to allow the pups to develop before the cold Tibetan winters. Guess true TMs are genetically prepared for the harsh winters in their homeland. The spring esteres of CMs is most likely due to the fact that are the result of cross breading with other types of dogs. This genetic trait is further proof that CMs are a new mixed breed being developed by the Chinese and should be called what they are Chinese Mastiffs. I have to ask why would anyone have the name Tibet associated with an animal that could not survive in Tibet except to destroy a culture and for marketing CMs based upon the superior characteristics of TMs? The problem TM owner and breeders have with CM breeders is strictly related to their attempt to leverage the characteristics of a true TMs for marketing and political reasons. Yes CMs are big furry dogs but one has to question was it worth developing an animal with so many health issues just to generate a market to sell an animal. Please not that your lead statement " be able to defend against wolves and guard with great ferocity " are not true of the CMs. I am sure they would guard with great ferocity but I think the quicker and more mobile TM would do a much better job.

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze 1 anno fa

    Sooo, they need a facelift multiple times in order to see? People see this as normal and expected? These poor animals.

  • Lil Guapo
    Lil Guapo 1 anno fa

    Just get a regular Tibetan mastiff so you don’t have to give them operations just so they can see

  • Artemio Ruz
    Artemio Ruz 2 mesi fa

    dont call chinese, it is tibetan

  • Heinrich Klaus
    Heinrich Klaus 1 mese fa

    Chinese Tibetan Mastiff? It should only be called Tibetan Mastiff as Tibet is a sovereign country!

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse 1 anno fa

    Omg that dog is only 10 months old? Holy crap! Their faces are frickin adorable! I wanna cuddle up with him!