Chicago, Compton, Street Violence Glorification, and Interscope Deal (247HH Exclusive) Scarica

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  • 27 giu 2014

  • Best of Kendrick Lamar: Subscribe here: Music Bed Produced By: Rashid Hadee Introduction produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox Kendrick Lamar sits down with @247HH to talk about how Chicago and Compton have a huge influence on his music, street violence glorification, and why he signed to Interscope. #247HHEXCL


  • KingTut
    KingTut 6 anni fa

    If it weren't for rappers like Kendrick and J. Cole, I would have totally given up on this new generation of music and stuck to my oldies. Thank you guys for not following trends like the majority of current artists, but sticking to your craft. As long as projects like Section.80 and GKMC are continuously replicated, y'all will continue to get my $14.99. 

  • KlaasDeKaasBaas
    KlaasDeKaasBaas 6 anni fa

    Kendrick you're the best man, together with some others but you truly help save rap.

  • Wilkine Brutus
    Wilkine Brutus 6 anni fa

    Your new record, "i" (I love myself) continues to illustrate your multidimensional artistry. You challenge our very existence, and we respect and love you for that.

  • andres99hp
    andres99hp 6 anni fa

    Kendrick isn't just king of New York, he is king of the entire rap game lyrically.

    GUNESH LORD 6 anni fa


  • Spencer Lomeli
    Spencer Lomeli 6 anni fa

    Kendrick is our 2pac I'm from cali and he spit real. I am not comparing styles it's the influnce that he transmits in his flow. I know most of you will say "Not even close" but it's not about comparison it's about the ability to make someone feel different. Hip hop has missed this for a long time. And he puts it back apart from the fact that he is humble. He truely understands that music means a lot to some people and words makes everything better sometimes true shit.

  • King Girth
    King Girth 6 anni fa

    TDE is running the rap game

  • babyblu
    babyblu 5 anni fa

    Kendrick, you got a piece of hair in your hair ...

    TOITN 5 anni fa

    Kendrick is a genius - and I mean that truly. Shame that a lot of the brothers (and sisters) who helped build him (and many like him) didn't make it through.

  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards 5 anni fa

    A link to Pound Cake by Drake feat Jay Z? - "Only real music is gonna last, all the other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow..."

  • AndromeDa1
    AndromeDa1 6 anni fa

    Am I the only one who finds him very attractive?

  • Sean Westbrook
    Sean Westbrook 5 anni fa

    This guy is the coolest, realest, and most personal rapper and hip hop artist I have seen in quite some time. I'm not a huge hip hop dude, mainly because a lot of it nowadays is all the same cliche, stupid pointless stuff. But it's people like Kendrick Lamar and Travie McCoy that shows you that even the most over-glorified of music genres can be something beautiful and amazing. This man deserves more credit than he gets. Hats off to Kendrick for being a TRUE rapper.

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 6 anni fa

    Kendrick needs to hurry up and drop something

  • Ciera B
    Ciera B 5 anni fa

    I can't express how much love and respect I have for Kendrick ❤️

  • ooh_laa_la_cassy
    ooh_laa_la_cassy 5 anni fa

    My future husband (wishful thinking) a genius rapper!! Saved the rap game something serious

  • D O double G
    D O double G 6 anni fa

    where is the beat at the beginning from? 

  • MakeHipHopGreatAgain

    This man will make hip hop great again.

  • Fleezy81
    Fleezy81 6 anni fa

    Kendrick Lamar can save someone's life with his music

  • GasMaskMan
    GasMaskMan 2 mesi fa (modificato)

    His genuine voice is just as surprising as Adele's

  • goodeldash
    goodeldash 5 anni fa

    not a huge Eminem fan myself, but it's nice to see Kendrick show his respect toward him with those remarks about talent.