Charlotte Cardin - Wicked Game (Cover) Scarica

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  • 10 mar 2017

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  • Rima Al-Hayek
    Rima Al-Hayek 3 anni fa

    This woman deserves much more attention. Her voice is heaven

    Jera MUSTAFARAJ 3 anni fa

    I don't usually like covers, but wow, you changed the game.

  • la row
    la row 3 anni fa (modificato)

    Bu kadını deli gibi dinleyen tek Türk ben miyim? Ses verin millet

  • Wiktoria Ostrowska
    Wiktoria Ostrowska 3 anni fa

    The world was on fire and no one could save me but you

  • Diana Reynolds
    Diana Reynolds 1 mese fa (modificato)

    Her voice is just incredible. It's sad how so many autotuned artist gets popular but people who deserves attention never end up getting it

  • Nodscene
    Nodscene 3 anni fa

    I don't think she can do any wrong at this stage in her career. I saw her live in TO and she played some new songs which were just as amazing as what she's already done. Watch out world, Charlotte Cardin is coming.

  • mortes turner
    mortes turner 3 anni fa

    when i saw the video, i said "let's see if it's something beautiful" and at the first second she started to sing i was like "ok, it's something beautiful."

  • Julia Maria
    Julia Maria 3 anni fa

    aceasta melodie o ajuta pe Patry sa iasa din depresie

  • Dream House
    Dream House 1 anno fa

    who ıs here 2019?

  • Studio Z
    Studio Z 3 anni fa

    she has this really cool amy winehouse vibe

  • Belle Brito
    Belle Brito 2 anni fa

    With the sunset behind her.. perfection!

  • The self made entrepreneur

    The control she has over voice is amazing

  • Jordan Rebuck
    Jordan Rebuck 1 anno fa

    Can we make this on Spotify please :/

  • Marina Lenard
    Marina Lenard 1 anno fa (modificato)

    The world was on fire and no one could save me but you

  • Axel Debreu
    Axel Debreu 3 anni fa

    Une voix unique ...

  • Anita Musolf
    Anita Musolf 2 settimane fa

    My an open book being read with each verse she sings

  • Diana Marin
    Diana Marin 1 anno fa

    Your voice is unbelievable glad i found your

  • Dee L.
    Dee L. 3 mesi fa

    Didn’t think I would hear a voice like Amy Winehouse again, but I am hearing twinges of her in Charlotte and have now become a big fan.

  • kimlosier5
    kimlosier5 3 anni fa

    This cover is amazing, this girl will be international soon!

  • el mao
    el mao 2 mesi fa

    I watched a 20 second ad for you