Carrie Underwood Scared the Pants Off Brad Paisley Scarica

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  • 3 dic 2019

  • #BradPaisley doesn't think #CarrieUnderwood should be allowed to drive. During his 'Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special' broadcast the two go off-roading and it doesn't go as planned. Taste of Country Nights recently got his side of the story. If you're new, Subscribe! → Download the app → Go here → Like us → Follow us → Get our newsletter → #CountryMusic #Nashville


  • Dawna Williford
    Dawna Williford 9 mesi fa

    I love Garth Brooks and all his songs but I don't think he should have got entertainer of the year over Carrie Underwood I think it was a insult to her

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    I didn’t see it as it aired on TV, so I hope someone posts it here.

  • Morgan Cashman
    Morgan Cashman 9 mesi fa

    I do love watching carpool karaokes, but that was insane. Carrie drives like my bus driver!

  • Jessie Peters
    Jessie Peters 1 mese fa

    U two need two be back on C..M.A.

  • Allison Haskell
    Allison Haskell 9 mesi fa

    😂😂😂😂love these two been following Paisley since he began

  • Virginia Patterson
    Virginia Patterson 9 mesi fa

    I watched that and I loved it I laughed so hard through it I almost pissed my pants when Carrie was driving I love that part

  • Hailey
    Hailey 9 mesi fa

    😂😂 that’s our queen

  • lana w
    lana w 9 mesi fa

    I'd ride with carrie anyday 😂

  • Lance Capone
    Lance Capone 9 mesi fa

    You can tell that she is not driving it during some of the scenes

  • Christina Parker
    Christina Parker 9 mesi fa

    Lol 😂

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan 9 mesi fa

    Carrie Underwood is my dream! I love her so much!

  • Gerald Fields
    Gerald Fields 9 mesi fa

    Brad is the ultimate West Virginia Mountaineer Fan. (Home state) Carrie is an Oklahoma gal.

  • Barbara Owens
    Barbara Owens 9 mesi fa

    Carrie Underwood's driving scares Brad Paisley?! Not Carrie!

  • Jon Alger
    Jon Alger 9 mesi fa

    Carrie isnt driving. Some stunt dude wearing a blue shirt

  • Nancy Duncan
    Nancy Duncan 9 mesi fa

    I saw it and it was funny. I don't think she drives that bad. I know the show was great. I see your wearing the West Virginia Hat which I have the DVD of that concert and it was great.

  • Jeff Meacham
    Jeff Meacham 9 mesi fa

    Carrie scared the pants off Brad? More like pulled his pants down to spank his backside, right??

  • Jo-Anne Squadrilla
    Jo-Anne Squadrilla 9 mesi fa

    Hahaha Carrie is married to a Canadian 🇨🇦😁

  • Ott Gavras
    Ott Gavras 9 mesi fa

    Go Carrie go.. love ya. And brad what a champ.. ❤️

  • Mike or patty Rhoades

    So funny!

  • Fredo ChickE
    Fredo ChickE 9 mesi fa

    This is not country, what’s goin on?