Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats (Karaoke Version) Scarica

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  • 16 ott 2019

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  • katie
    katie 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    Heres a tip dont slash all 4 tires Insurance can pay for that only slash 3 tires then hes screwed

  • invaderzimzam o.o
    invaderzimzam o.o 6 mesi fa

    Anyone else have a country accent when singing this song?

  • Amber Sisco
    Amber Sisco 11 mesi fa (modificato)

    Somewhere on the deep dark web theres a low quality video of 13 year old me singing this song and i truly wish it didnt exist

  • jessie rae
    jessie rae 10 mesi fa

    "tyres" lol

  • kara scheb
    kara scheb 11 mesi fa

    who else loves carrie underwood

  • Jessica Griffith
    Jessica Griffith 6 mesi fa

    I hope Jeremiah doesn’t break my heart before he cheats

  • gerfulworld 2468
    gerfulworld 2468 8 mesi fa

    Pre-debut James Charles has entered the chat

  • Elise Hester
    Elise Hester 2 settimane fa


  • Aoife_ B
    Aoife_ B 11 mesi fa

    Why has this taken so long my poor neighbors now it’s finally out

  • heyy 1
    heyy 1 7 mesi fa

    sang it before listening to the song

  • Alexia-Jade Dodd
    Alexia-Jade Dodd 8 mesi fa

    somewhere in this world there’s a video of little 7 year old Alexia Jade singing this song. ....someone should’ve stopped me

  • Harmony and Dad Griffith

    My cousin Scarlet listens to your song all the time and we love you I’m eight years old Scarlet is six years old

  • typical Anne
    typical Anne 5 mesi fa

    Tyres XD

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy 11 mesi fa

    My childhood

  • Simon Allen
    Simon Allen 6 mesi fa

    I love this song

  • sawyerduh
    sawyerduh 11 mesi fa

    do home by marc broussard!!!🥺

  • Brent Fryer
    Brent Fryer 3 mesi fa

    I sing this everyday

  • Michael Olcese
    Michael Olcese 11 mesi fa

    Do “Christina Grimmie - I only miss you when I breathe“ if you can, it’s an awesome song

  • Kaitlyn Sereda
    Kaitlyn Sereda 6 giorni fa

    hip hop 2019

  • Kaitlynn Reid
    Kaitlynn Reid 3 settimane fa

    Y’all out jolly ranchers on his windows so then when he try’s to take it off his window cracks