Canta per il suo papà che sta morendo... Non piangere :( Scarica

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  • 3 gen 2018

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  • alishanmao
    alishanmao 2 anni fa

    This video sure gives goosebumps and brings tears to eyes

  • Noble Six
    Noble Six 2 giorni fa

    Her dad is her inspiration, her motivation, her reason for following her dreams, and that’s beyond beautiful

  • Kombikart Challenge 125cc 6spd shifter

    beautiful!, that makes me feel "Home" too... your dad is very lucky with such a loving daughter..

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson 4 giorni fa

    Not even 30 seconds into the video:

  • Eric Moon
    Eric Moon 1 settimana fa

    Petron pay- "Este es un sueño hecho realidad" (Una

  • Grace Llarenas
    Grace Llarenas 2 anni fa

    I can't help it, I CRIED. 😭😭😭

  • Jim B
    Jim B 2 settimane fa

    She sings this song so well, with lots of passion and emotion. It makes the song so much better. You can't help but cry. We all feel her pain.

  • Ben Huot
    Ben Huot 1 giorno fa

    99k that voting NO, you have no feeling, you are horrible

  • Phoenix fire
    Phoenix fire 2 settimane fa

    "he has stage 4 cancer but he still continued working to support our family"😭😭😭

  • La Fluff
    La Fluff 2 settimane fa (modificato)

    People who dislike this just don't have a heart

  • Chefão das Loterias
    Chefão das Loterias 4 settimane fa (modificato)

    Beautiful!! Someone in 2020?

  • Alexandria Page
    Alexandria Page 1 settimana fa

    The people who dislike are not human

  • dancingwithjillian
    dancingwithjillian 3 settimane fa

    The people who disliked this video were crying so hard they mistaked the dislike button for the like button

  • Samdrup Dolma
    Samdrup Dolma 2 settimane fa

    Title: She Sings For Her Dying Dad... Don't Cry :(

  • Ela nori
    Ela nori 2 settimane fa

    The people who disliked this don't have a heart and a soul

  • BrianxStephanie
    BrianxStephanie 2 anni fa

    Why dislike? I am losing faith in humanity.....

  • Aliviah Gilbert
    Aliviah Gilbert 5 giorni fa

    She needs the gold buzzer bless her heart bless her family and prayers to her dad I pray him to get heathy

  • Md. Sarafath Miah
    Md. Sarafath Miah 1 settimana fa

    Sorry. But I can't stop crying 😭😭

  • Екатерина Жукова

    Умничка,молодчина!Пусть у тебя будет все хорошо

  • Jonas Springer
    Jonas Springer 2 giorni fa

    What a voice... Her bravery not mentioned... She is a very strong girl. The fewest are and we definitively need more of them