Can You Solve These WEIRD MYSTERY RIDDLES?! (GAME) Scarica

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  • 31 dic 2019

  • Can You Solve these Mystery Brain Riddles and prove you're smart!? WATCH MORE HERE! NEW LANKYBOX MERCH! ► 7 Second Riddles FOLLOW US! INSTAGRAM ► FACEBOOK ► TIKTOK ► Business:


  • LankyBox
    LankyBox 8 mesi fa

    Let us know how many of these 5 riddles YOU were able to get right! 😁

  • Shogun of the Samurai

    Who likes food as much as Justin?

  • Leah Plays Roblox
    Leah Plays Roblox 1 settimana fa

    No one:

  • JakeplaysMSM
    JakeplaysMSM 4 giorni fa

    Who else notice a second before he said Justin got the “Sisters” riddle right he had a booger hanging from his nose?

  • Khloe Flores
    Khloe Flores 1 giorno fa

    If Justin wins he gets to smash Adam's phone and eat a hole box of doughnuts 🍩

  • Eva Seto
    Eva Seto 1 settimana fa

    U said that Adam has Lung problems

  • Simply Tricky
    Simply Tricky 8 mesi fa


  • streifer1
    streifer1 1 settimana fa

    Adam: u really think anyone will let u be a clown for their birthday

  • Irdna Irdna
    Irdna Irdna 1 giorno fa

    Im thing question 1 answer the clown taken her food that why some food missing

  • The haunted cats Fright

    :justin and adam talking about the clown riddle :me luaghing so hard looking at adams phone

  • Ღ Itz_KaylaPlayz ღ
    Ღ Itz_KaylaPlayz ღ 1 settimana fa

    There is twelve dumbo’s boxy and Justin and Adam are included as dumbo’s

  • Myriam Gagnon
    Myriam Gagnon 8 mesi fa

    Yay riddles epsiode!😂 and Justie is back with his juggling skills 👏👏😂💕

    VENUS THE SHINING STAR 1 settimana fa

    O my gosh Justin is so good in juggling he can get a job at the circus

  • zach mirasol
    zach mirasol 1 giorno fa

    Adam is a pleb because he cant

  • Mrsvictoria1830
    Mrsvictoria1830 2 giorni fa

    I watch SpongeBob and Mermaid Man doesn't have any

  • SkyCat Travel and Family
    SkyCat Travel and Family 1 settimana fa

    Justin and Adam

  • HAIFASAUD 0998
    HAIFASAUD 0998 1 mese fa

    Who's watching this in 2020?

  • SniperWolfXV - Robloxツ
    SniperWolfXV - Robloxツ 1 settimana fa

    There's 10 dumbo's if Adam isn't a Dumbo then there's 9 dumbo's

  • CamPlayz
    CamPlayz 2 giorni fa

    Me holding my breath on land: 27

  • Irdna Irdna
    Irdna Irdna 1 giorno fa

    Question two who the mom im thing the people is the mom because the child have foot