Can You Beat Fallout 3 Without Taking Any Radiation Damage? Scarica

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  • 13 dic 2019

  • There are a lot of different ways to take damage in Fallout 3. You could slip off a rock, you could get whacked with a sledgehammer, you could get shot with a miniature nuclear warhead. But just like real life, there’s more than one type of damage in Fallout 3. Can You Beat Fallout 3 Without Taking Any Radiation Damage? Mitten Squad Discord: Check out some of my other videos if you liked this one: Can You Beat Bioshock With Only A Wrench?: Can You Beat Fallout 4 Without A Pip-Boy?: Can You Beat Skyrim With Only A Fork?: Can You Beat Fallout 3 as a Baby?: Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Shouts?: Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only A Commie Whacker?: Can You Beat Honest Hearts Without Taking Any Damage?: Twitter: Equipment I use (and other affiliate links): Elgato HD60 S Capture Card: Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface: Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR Microphone: Apple iMac: Western Digital 4TB My Passport: Samsung T5 500GB Portable SSD: Tribesigns L-Shaped Corner Desk: Can You Beat Fallout 3 Without Taking Any Radiation Damage? Radiation damage, just like regular damage, has no immediate impact on how you play the game, but, for reasons I’ll explain later on, I drained points from Endurance and distributed my 9 SPECIAL points amongst the other stats, got mocked by everyone at my birthday party, they seemed to know what my future had in store for me, I shot a bug, and was woken up by someone who would be much more attractive with her head splattered all over that wall over there. I was finally in the real game, and the time had come to set things straight. The thing about Radiation is that no matter your level, no matter your perks or skills or armor, you can never go beyond 1000 rads without dying. But if your health is at 1, the amount of radiation required to be lethal drops to 199, as ticking over to 200 gives you Minor Radiation Poisoning which will end you in this circumstance. To ensure that any radiation ends me, I used a console command to set my rad level to 199. Any amount of radiation results in being ended because my max health is 1. That means that this is a true No Damage run. No radiation damage, no damage damage. I’m as fragile as I can possibly be, the emotional damage of my father abandoning me pairs nicely with all the other trauma I’ve experienced in the last 11 seconds, which makes it the perfect time to escape the vault. Escaping the Vault without taking damage is not terribly difficult. I expunged far too much ammo on Butch’s parent after I ended him, so I went back in time to let her get mauled by the roaches, ended the troublemakers blocking my path, ended the vault security guards for what they had in their pockets, ended the Security Chief and the Overseer too, opened the escape tunnel, and was out into the Capital Wasteland. I leveled up and went all-in on Small Guns. No other skill is worth having. Barter can be useful and Lockpick is nice to have, but my primary focus is being able to attack from a distance with at least some level of success. In some alternate dimension, perhaps one where I didn’t burn my finger on my toaster oven when making cheese sticks several weeks ago, I would have put some points into Sneak. Outside Megaton, the Caravan Guard had 2 grenades that I thought would look nice on my Christmas tree or flying through the air at a small child with the pin pulled out. He took 10 shots to the dome like they were nothing. I went ahead and tested my luck at Atom’s Glory Puddle to make sure any radiation ended me. It did, but it wasn’t as instantaneous as I would’ve liked. Still, it was quick enough that you don’t really have enough time to do much of anything.