Can't believe I did this.. Scarica

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  • 25 set 2019

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  • itsjusta6
    itsjusta6 1 anno fa

    Download Turo for free here:

  • james pitts
    james pitts 1 anno fa

    Can we get an update on nicks Porsche pls

  • SlowV6
    SlowV6 1 anno fa

    Tapped out of facetime with my girl to watch this.

  • CryTec
    CryTec 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Your videos are like heroin...can’t ever get enough

  • CryTec
    CryTec 1 anno fa

    Godamn man remember when this guy was driving a corvette and camaro. Damn things have changed for the best. Love your videos!

  • Oakley Hughes
    Oakley Hughes 1 anno fa

    i’m confused what happened to his girlfriend?? did they break up?

  • CheekyKnob
    CheekyKnob 1 anno fa

    Title: "Can't believe I done this..."

  • Kodi Wardle
    Kodi Wardle 1 anno fa

    Gavin’s girlfriend looks a lot different in this video

  • Gumbo2000
    Gumbo2000 1 anno fa


  • Brent Nelson
    Brent Nelson 1 anno fa

    You have a good team Gavin, take time to stop and appreciate it. Definitely something you’ll never forget. Congrats brotha

  • Alpha X
    Alpha X 1 anno fa

    What happened to Jess? Did I miss a vid or something just wondering

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 1 anno fa

    Dude was really wearing cartier glasses with ross clothes

  • Jacktheboss4life
    Jacktheboss4life 1 anno fa


  • Jesus Castorena
    Jesus Castorena 1 anno fa

    Im actually glad for Gavin becuase I started watching him changing his headlights from his mustang now seeing him being bigg in life makes me emotional

  • Gustavo Bonilla
    Gustavo Bonilla 1 anno fa

    Last time I was this early, he was just about to put the 79mm pulley on the Roush blower.

  • Jon's Daily Hustle
    Jon's Daily Hustle 1 anno fa

    This has to be one of my favorite videos you've made in a long time. The excitement, joy, and fun y'all have you can see it on yalls faces and can feel the energy while y'all we're there. Can't wait to see the music video 🤙

  • Jordon S
    Jordon S 1 anno fa (modificato)

    When the airport has better WiFi speeds than 99% of people in their own homes

  • 1 tire fire
    1 tire fire 1 anno fa

    Ok I guess I'm a little behind. Who was that girl you were with?

  • Clappedout 4.8L
    Clappedout 4.8L 1 anno fa

    Man honestly just seeing you full fill your dreams makes me tear up stay blessed friend stay humble 💯

  • Matthew Garcia
    Matthew Garcia 1 anno fa

    Wait so what happened to jess cuz the one girl called u babe. I feel like she's "justamodel" for the music video.