Camp Chair and Table - 12 Week Bushcraft Challenge - Week 6 Scarica

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  • 2 dic 2018

  • I made a bushcraft camp chair using some old logs and cordage, also built a small table for this week's bushcraft challenge. Snow is here !!


  • Nature Boréale
    Nature Boréale 1 anno fa

    C'est vraiment l'hiver chez-vous! Beau travail, ces modèles de table et chaise sont vraiment intéressants et je pense bien les utiliser lors de mes prochains camping d'hiver. Félicitations!!

  • Pinetree Line Productions

    Awesome job brother! Love the chair, solid enough for me 😂.

  • Brian Spencer
    Brian Spencer 1 anno fa

    Magician in the woods. you keep giving me confidence. Brian 78

  • Adventure Time Outdoors

    Awesome man. Looks cozy.

  • AOK Foraging and Adventures

    Another awesome video. Been gone hunting, lots to catch up on.

  • TheWildYam
    TheWildYam 1 anno fa

    Nice set up! That looked like lots of fun to make!

  • steve45ca
    steve45ca 1 anno fa

    nice table and chair. cheers!

  • Teacher SBD
    Teacher SBD 1 anno fa

    The chair is solid, I,have tried it once, as for the table, the Y stakes are a good idea, it is fast to make, well thought.  Now I know what to do for my winter camp! You look very relax in your outside living room :-)

  • Steve Fontaine
    Steve Fontaine 1 anno fa

    I like your videos but even with the volume cranked on my tablet I can barely hear you. Yes my device sucks...but since you take the time to share your passion maybe you could add a mic or something to improve the sound. Thank you.

  • K-Wood adventures Alaska and more

    Did a great job on your future. Thanks

  • phyllis mulkey
    phyllis mulkey 1 anno fa

    great job.hope you do a video of making a chair like that

  • Yan lap
    Yan lap 1 anno fa

    J'aime bien ta petite table.

  • araf Hasan
    araf Hasan 1 anno fa

    Hi. Thanks for your another excellent video . Best. wishes for you and your family. . I am. following. you. from Bangladesh .

  • Bella
    Bella 1 anno fa

    Is this CA...? Great video

  • Lost Tracks
    Lost Tracks 1 anno fa

    Great video 👍

  • Sereia
    Sereia 1 anno fa


  • Your Old Pal Fernbark

    Nice job der guy.

  • Kanzee
    Kanzee 1 anno fa