Calum Scott - If Our Love is Wrong (Audio) Scarica

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  • 1 nov 2019

  • "If Our Love is Wrong" by Calum Scott. Buy this on iTunes to support him. ➤ Listen to our Coral Reef Sounds PLAYLIST on Spotify: ➤ or our Country Music playlist for more great music:


  • Coral Reef Sounds
    Coral Reef Sounds 10 mesi fa

    "If Our Love is Wrong" by Calum Scott. Buy this on iTunes to support him.

  • light sun
    light sun 10 mesi fa

    [Verse 1]

  • Blerina Vrapi
    Blerina Vrapi 10 mesi fa

    Every songs 🎼you did, for me🤷🏼‍♀️ it was like I am following in ❤️ again ❤️and again ❤️and again❤️ and again ❤️ I have no body by my side but when I listen your music is like I am in the heaven thank you 🙏🙏

  • Lai Yer
    Lai Yer 10 mesi fa

    If our love is wrong then i dont ever wanna be right.

  • Xenone Phobia
    Xenone Phobia 10 mesi fa

    This song makes me so nostalgic with that person who called me Pingu... I miss u.... Love this song.

  • Rodney Theonest
    Rodney Theonest 10 mesi fa

    Woow this guy is a musical genius... he knows how to hit us hard with his songs 😭😭😭😭

  • Ari Wibowo
    Ari Wibowo 10 mesi fa

    Right or wrong, just follow your heart. 😉

  • Cat Stevens
    Cat Stevens 9 mesi fa

    I don’t wanna be right either. Just like no one can tell me there isn’t a God. It’s in my dna. Just like every single thing I am passionate about!!

  • Shiela Magtagnob
    Shiela Magtagnob 10 mesi fa

    Love is such a dangerous feeling

  • Christo Kwen
    Christo Kwen 10 mesi fa

    I love this song

  • Людмила Фартушняк

    If our love is wrong ...😟💔

  • Dustin Stephens
    Dustin Stephens 9 mesi fa

    Who has been following this guy since he auditioned for BGT?

  • Jing Reyes
    Jing Reyes 10 mesi fa

    When the song hits hard😅😅😅

  • Sharon Too
    Sharon Too 10 mesi fa

    Lots of love from Kenya

    EMT AZIZ 10 mesi fa

    Anyone 2016 here 😂

  • Adriana Luiz
    Adriana Luiz 10 mesi fa

    Calum simplesmente maravilhoso! Que voz, amoooooo❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ellia N.
    Ellia N. 10 mesi fa

    nice, regret.

  • Tina Collins
    Tina Collins 10 mesi fa

    Lovely song

  • Annsara Khompho
    Annsara Khompho 10 mesi fa

    I love... 🤟❤❤

  • Olympia Afonso
    Olympia Afonso 10 mesi fa

    Love Love Love💕