Buzz Lightyear Cake Topper Toy Story tutorial Scarica

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  • 11 apr 2019

  • In this cake topper tutorial we will be making Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies! I used Laped modelling paste to create the figure but you can use whatever you prefer! I actually recorded this video quite a while ago so you might be able to tell the footage is a little older then usual and I take it out of shot sometimes etc. It did take quite a while to record this one so I have tried my best to cut it down without losing too much of the tutorial :) Tools and products used in this video - Laped - Contact us on Facebook ( Shop currently under construction ) Balling tool - Extra white sugarflair - Chocolate dust - Piping nozzle - Craft mat - Cake modelling tool - To see more of my cakes and creations please visit my pages below- Facebook Twitter Instagram Website You can also check out my online courses with 25% off below! :) Faces - Roses -


  • Anuradha Chaudhuri
    Anuradha Chaudhuri 5 mesi fa

    This reminds me of Jungkook 💜

  • Helens Caketastic Creations
    Helens Caketastic Creations 1 anno fa (modificato)

    another amazing cake topper Zoe, love your tutorials every week as you explain everything so well, so a very BIG thank you for them xxx

  • Naina Ingleshwar
    Naina Ingleshwar 1 anno fa

    I love how you made this, you always make it by breaking them into shapes. 😊 This in turn makes it so user friendly!! I love watching you make the toppers. It’s truly a treat. Also you always admit very casually how bad you are at some things... I don’t think you are terrible at it though. Always a fan of your work. 😍🥰

  • Kelly Jansema
    Kelly Jansema 1 anno fa

    I hope you are making amazing money, if not, you should be. WOWSERS. You must love your work!!

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia 1 anno fa

    This is another one of your magnificent tutorials. Thanks for sharing it with us. A hug.

  • wilkinsfamilyantics

    Amazing Zoe, I've followed you from very early on and I think you've just excelled yourself!!! Wow just wow!!!!

  • Megan Young
    Megan Young 1 anno fa

    Amazing! He turned out perfectly! You are awesome!

  • Giovanna Rodriguez
    Giovanna Rodriguez 1 anno fa

    Wow!! Sometimes I end up crying watching your tutorials. I used to make cakes and all the decoration but my husband was transferred to USA and we live here now. I can’t work because my visa doesn’t permit it. I didn’t know how happy I was doing this kind of work. You’re very fortunate and have incredible talent. I admire you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and motivate us through your art 😊

  • Eugenia Illescas
    Eugenia Illescas 1 anno fa

    Exelent! Zoes Fancy Cake👌Congratulations..👏💯

  • American Baker in Germany

    Wow! I would swear this was a store bought figurine. You are a modeling genius!

  • Jacqui Taylor
    Jacqui Taylor 1 anno fa

    Amazing, i'm gonna give this a go when i get a spare few hours xx

  • Yurima Guerra
    Yurima Guerra 10 mesi fa

    Waooo que belleza! 😍Estoy impresionada... Es una réplica exacta de Buzz. Te felicito..👏👏👏 Me gustó tanto que me acabo de suscribir a tu canal. 😘

  • Brittney McDaniel
    Brittney McDaniel 1 anno fa

    As always I REALLY enjoyed watching your video! I love you Zoe!!

  • Christopher
    Christopher 1 anno fa

    This is impressive how you were able to make this. You made this look so easy but I have a feeling it is not as easy as you made it out to be.

  • Jennifer Ireta
    Jennifer Ireta 1 anno fa

    Can you do a toy story cake? I've been looking for a toy story cake tutorial and their rarely any on YouTube 😣

    WHY WHY 10 mesi fa

    You are amazing!! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Ziggy Jeelani
    Ziggy Jeelani 1 mese fa

    How do u keep this standing on a cake. My toppers always lean to a side when I put a skewer in through one leg and in the cake

  • Byron Chandler
    Byron Chandler 1 anno fa

    Hi, Zoe. Your Buzz Lightyear cake topper looks amazing. To infinity, and beyond! What did you enjoy about making that topper? Take care of yourself, cutie pie. I'm looking forward to my 30th birthday next week. 3

  • amira mohamed
    amira mohamed 1 anno fa

    You make things looks so easy to make how talanted u are!😮

  • MrShawnmead
    MrShawnmead 1 anno fa