Broken Prayers - Riley Clemmons Scarica

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  • 7 ago 2018

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  • Steph Lou
    Steph Lou 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Don't have to hide the scars that still aren't healed 🙏

  • Naiya Veeraraj
    Naiya Veeraraj 1 anno fa

    this song is so beautiful and is helping me with my walk with God. Just know that God is with you and cares about you more than you could ever imagine. This song is so beautiful. stay with him and God bless you as you walk with him.

  • Mariedis Velazquez
    Mariedis Velazquez 1 anno fa

    This song is talking about you do not need the perfect words to talk to god express how you feel and talk to him the way you want to. May god bless you all of you 🙏🙏

  • Annabeth Ainsworth
    Annabeth Ainsworth 1 anno fa

    I absolutely love this song and this applies to my life.

  • Charlin Guimaye
    Charlin Guimaye 2 anni fa

    I love this song so much let God bless you

  • Breanna Biddlecombe

    I grew up in the church, and I have been hurt by the church. A lot. This past year particularly has been hard with a church split resulting in about nearly 85% leaving, at least 70% in one night. I know God hasn't left me, but I am beginning to lose faith in the church. Everytime I try and voice my questions to seek answers brushed off or lectured, once I was even to to get it together or I'll end up in hell. But God isn't afraid of my questions, he wants my tears, every messy word, every scar and every fear. Even as I cry out how can God be such a good God if his church is so horrible he holds me in his arms and not only lets me, but wants to hear my doubts and questions

  • Brez
    Brez 1 anno fa

    Amazing song, God Bless You All

  • Kevin Rombouts
    Kevin Rombouts 10 mesi fa

    Dont let anyone stop you okay we all love your singing

  • Hannawithnoh
    Hannawithnoh 1 anno fa

    not sure who needed to hear this, but He wants all of you.

  • Kayli Tucker
    Kayli Tucker 2 anni fa

    I love it so much

  • Kristy McIntyre
    Kristy McIntyre 2 anni fa

    Love it

  • Kevin Rombouts
    Kevin Rombouts 10 mesi fa

    Nca school in newzeland are doing your song thay love it you are going to be a really popular singer

  • Mary Mayi
    Mary Mayi 2 anni fa

    This is an amazing song. And I had someone like that but I guess either it took too much of a toll on him and he gave up or he never truly wwas that man i found faith in. It hurts the worst though when you can't know the truth why.

  • Charity Asiimwe
    Charity Asiimwe 3 mesi fa

    I love this song sooooooo much !God bless you all

  • Dea 14
    Dea 14 7 mesi fa

    I know we’re all strangers but I wanna let you guys know that God can do incredible things in your life you wouldn’t even imagine. When your hurting or broken, come running to his feet and cast your tears on him. When your torn and ripped run to him and he will sew up your holes and tears. God is the answer for everything

  • milly gichuho
    milly gichuho 1 anno fa

    Loved it 😫❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Carol Koebert
    Carol Koebert 10 mesi fa

    I love this song believe in yourself everybody

  • Meshak Suja
    Meshak Suja 3 mesi fa

    Suggested by a dear friend a favorite song of her ... Thanks it's such a beautiful song....

  • Kevin Rombouts
    Kevin Rombouts 10 mesi fa

    I hope you make a big difference in your life I hope you to make more good songs

  • Emily Moosman
    Emily Moosman 4 mesi fa

    I almost cried.