Bobby Rydell "Kissin' Time" Scarica

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  • 30 mar 2013

  • Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show. November 07, 1959.


  • george burghard
    george burghard 2 mesi fa

    The best rocker during the late 1950's to 60's.

  • Zesta Quick
    Zesta Quick 4 anni fa

    Love Bobby! A natural entertainer, no phoniness about him. Today's singers should take note. 🎵🎶🎤

  • Chris Scian
    Chris Scian 3 anni fa

    First heard this song by KISS on their first album when I was a kid. Interesting hearing the original version now.

  • Dick Buelow
    Dick Buelow 4 anni fa

    Another great song by this talented guy

  • Sleeping Cat
    Sleeping Cat 7 mesi fa

    This Italian kid was 17 here. How naturally cool is he!?

  • moira dwyer
    moira dwyer 4 anni fa

    Loved him then, love him now!!! One of a kind.

  • Ron LHeureux
    Ron LHeureux 1 anno fa

    I remember watching this episode of AB and excitedly enjoying one of my favorite songs of that time. Man, am I old! Not a question, just an observation.

  • HAL838
    HAL838 3 anni fa

    Rydell was my favorite singer, but I thought Fabian was just the absolute end.  Strange though, the guy in school that I had a crush on looked just like Rydell, even wearing his hair the same and it was the same color.   There seems to be no accounting for the strange fates of unreason!   Much later I did get to a concert featuring the "Golden Boys."  You know, Bobby, Frankie AND Fabian.

  • Ruthie Kumar
    Ruthie Kumar 2 anni fa

    Cuz huggin' time is kissin' time....USA!

  • luis grant
    luis grant 6 anni fa

    A little tribute to Connie Francis' Lipstick On Your Collar

  • Ruthie Kumar
    Ruthie Kumar 2 anni fa

    Cuz lovin time is kissin time USA!

    NANJEMOY AL-KURSI 1 anno fa

    The 4 string BASS in this song just FU"\®Kd Me up when I was 17 years old. I still listen to the song till this day, with ONE foot on ice and the other foot two inches by my grave. COVER ME UP

  • Martin De Wilde
    Martin De Wilde 6 anni fa

    in 1959 a number 8 hit in Vlaanderen (Belgium)... nice song... nice performance... great artist..... 

  • drlucio
    drlucio 6 anni fa

    Fantastic video. Thanks.

  • idk xo
    idk xo 2 anni fa

    He’s so cuteeeee

  • Pat abrams Abrams
    Pat abrams Abrams 2 anni fa

    great song from mr Robert Louis riderillie (Bobby rydell)

  • Jérémy LEFEVRE
    Jérémy LEFEVRE 1 anno fa

    He look so happy ☺️

  • Sleeping Cat
    Sleeping Cat 9 mesi fa

    He's a natural! Super cute too.

  • Carlos H Peixe
    Carlos H Peixe 3 mesi fa

    And the band "Kiss" recorded on the band's first debut album ... Super cool!

  • scott g. hanson
    scott g. hanson 7 anni fa

    love that top 10