Blame It On Me - Lee Ann Womack Scarica

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  • 4 lug 2017

  • Lyrics video.....enjoy!


  • Puii Fanai
    Puii Fanai 1 anno fa

    I'll go home and you can feel free to blame it on me 💔💔

  • Tracy Vanwassehnova

    You can blame it on me JM. All I tried to do was love you. Sorry that was too much for you.

  • Ruati K
    Ruati K 1 anno fa

    2019 anyone???

  • Brandy Wingate
    Brandy Wingate 2 mesi fa

    "I'm not the picture of any man's dreams"

  • Paeroa68
    Paeroa68 1 anno fa

    I loved you and you dumped me for it. My fault entirely

  • Danielle Noonan
    Danielle Noonan 1 anno fa

    I’m in love with this song so much! A lot of people can relate to this song! Has so much meaning.

  • aline simon
    aline simon 1 anno fa

    I'm used to being blamed for everything

  • Marjorie Chavez
    Marjorie Chavez 8 ore fa

    Amen so true keep positive and keep that on trying the perfect level coming to your life one day if not it was not meant to be that's how I see life these days they ran in Jesus name 🙏 when it seems like you're the only one trying to hold on to that love sometimes it's just better to walk away beautiful song and so true ❤️🎵🎶🎧😪💔

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 1 anno fa

    Swear to God this is my life right now

  • Stephhutch
    Stephhutch 2 anni fa

    Absolutely beautiful words

  • rose schoenbaum
    rose schoenbaum 2 anni fa

    Blame It On Me!!

  • Michelle Fucile
    Michelle Fucile 1 anno fa

    I can relate to this song, it’s basically the let them off easy!! Good women walk away making that man’s decision easy for them. Even when you believe it wasn’t wasted time, it so was!! You’ll see :)

  • Maria Isabel Solis
    Maria Isabel Solis 2 mesi fa

    Yeah Capps just blame it on me. I guess I was too good for you. I love you more than I should and that was my biggest mistake. One thing is for sure. I will always cherish the memories in my heart.

  • Lacey Woodard
    Lacey Woodard 1 anno fa

    You always blame it on me lol

  • Jennie Anderson
    Jennie Anderson 2 anni fa

    I remember how I thought I wasn’t hearing you right when you said that you wanted “Out “ on our Anniversary 😞💔 , No way will I ever figure it out, but it was the worst hurt I have ever had .... Right to the bone...🥀

  • Kristena Murphy
    Kristena Murphy 2 anni fa

    This song is about breaking up it's a love song. But you can also look at it like if it where a PARENT that LOVES her children so TIGHT & don't want them to let go but it push the child away. . I can only blame me for hanging on to Tight and not letting them fix there own mistakes.

  • Linda Snow
    Linda Snow 2 mesi fa

    Just tried to love you wouldnt let me

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester Didzena 2 anni fa

    as i lay here i didnt say anythn i kept my mouth shut ive seen too many troubles my knuckles hurt im sorry if i go quiet ive got batterd enuff im scared not afraid to say it life is not fair but im not picky ill go with what i have at hand i got no home just my dads cabin thats all i have i was exiled from my communitty

  • Carol Gianarelli
    Carol Gianarelli 1 anno fa

    I've been married for twenty five years, he wants to work it out it hurts so much I don't know what to do I still love him, but the pain is so bad.

  • Dave B
    Dave B 3 anni fa

    Keep using that Steel Guitar Lee Ann...nice song!