Big Giant Circles - Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Timer Music (official) Scarica

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  • 27 nov 2012

  • These are two of the "timer" tracks that play in the multiplayer game when you have 30 seconds remaining in a match. I also threw in an alternate, unused version of one theme that I kind of liked, but ultimately had to rewrite to make it sound a bit less lush and a bit more urgent. Follow me - Like me - Support me -


  • Nova-Six
    Nova-Six 5 anni fa

    Time line in jeopardy, pick it up!

  • Professor Pug
    Professor Pug 6 anni fa

    It's too close...fight harder!

  • The Control 103
    The Control 103 5 anni fa

    The others are dead, Succeed what they have failed.

  • Mateoski
    Mateoski 3 anni fa

    Black Ops 1 and 2 were the best games in the series.

  • Nova-Six
    Nova-Six 6 anni fa

    The first one is just so epic!

  • The Gun SlingerX
    The Gun SlingerX 1 anno fa

    After 6 years of searching find it

  • AngelO8918
    AngelO8918 7 anni fa

    Thank you i searched so long for it!

  • TheTanelitanu15
    TheTanelitanu15 7 anni fa

    When I hear this first soundtrack, I think I'm running with KAP40.

  • fatihalt
    fatihalt 7 anni fa

    So, so, so epic tracks... Thank you a lot! Suits very well as game ending themes :) Searched a lot, found at last.

  • Bl4ckDr4gonTV
    Bl4ckDr4gonTV 4 anni fa

    the last is so god damn epic, an extended version would be super cool

  • Andrea M
    Andrea M 7 anni fa

    great track, congrats for working on COD!

  • fakebrownboy
    fakebrownboy 7 anni fa

    when the music stops at 0:57 the bomb blows

  • Raven X
    Raven X 7 anni fa


  • Steiner
    Steiner 3 mesi fa

    Let's go, clocks ticking