Best Android Apps: Trapster (Hands-On) Scarica

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  • 24 ago 2012

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  • Phandroid
    Phandroid 8 anni fa

    Haha! It bothers me when they keep revving their engines while I'm recording :p

  • ChrisC1
    ChrisC1 7 anni fa

    trapster is awesome !!

  • dmsanx
    dmsanx 8 anni fa

    Thanks Chris! Gonna give it a try.

  • zoinks shaggy
    zoinks shaggy 8 anni fa

    It's been around longer than that! I used to use this app on my Nokia w/Symbian S60 on it!

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith 7 anni fa

    how accurate is this? im in orlando and i know there are more speed traps and cop sites, but they are not listed, is this the most accurate app for this type of app?

  • Stas Idowu
    Stas Idowu 7 anni fa

    how can u drive and use ur phone at the same time mate

  • 8 anni fa

    "Really dog, really?" Hey motorcycles are supposed to move to the front. :-P

  • eu jeeves
    eu jeeves 7 anni fa

    Great idea. Not many or hardly know about it, how about bumper stickers getting the word out?

  • Tim Yassa
    Tim Yassa 7 anni fa

    Did you have to do anything to get all those symbols on the map? On mine, it'll warn me about cameras and stuff but it doesn't show anything at all except for my speed and the speed limit under. I went under settings and turned everything on but it still doesn't show anything. and I also made an acc

  • KAMiconic
    KAMiconic 8 anni fa

    I used to think Trapster was a decent app until I started to use Waze on occasion. Way better UI, many more choices in reporting, and actually acts as a GPS navigator as well similar to Google Navigation.

  • David T
    David T 7 anni fa

    I am a trapster mod, even with the roadkill trap set to alert will not show brains spilled over the highway , haha.Just fiqure i would throw that out there