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  • 1 ott 2018



  • Evelina Cataleya
    Evelina Cataleya 2 anni fa

    Very nice bathroom. Just a note I bought that shower curtain for my sister and she loved it but sad to say the moister ruin her android tablet.

  • petalisbless
    petalisbless 2 anni fa

    Lovely bathroom decor my dear and that shower curtain is so neat... very nice review 💙💚

  • Novia Parker
    Novia Parker 2 anni fa

    Way to much going on in this space.

  • Lachelle Whitehead
    Lachelle Whitehead 2 anni fa

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the chandelier over the bathtub.❤

  • Mommy and Matthew
    Mommy and Matthew 2 anni fa

    That clear pocket is great BUT 🤔 I won't recommend to those with kids because they will take even longer in the shower and rack up the water bill.

  • Sherri Nimons
    Sherri Nimons 2 anni fa

    I luv luv the chandelier in your shower..

  • Christy B
    Christy B 2 anni fa

    Gorgeous bathroom and love the colors. Your diy's are terrific. Your bathroom looks so elegant. 👍😁

  • theresa terrell
    theresa terrell 2 anni fa

    Omg you have a beautiful, gorgeous, pretty and relaxing bathroom love it yassss💕

  • Jo J
    Jo J 1 anno fa

    In my opinion, this isn't too much! I mean my first impression was "This woman must put a lot of effort into everything she does." this woman is extra and that's my language! Bet her whole house looks like a damn boutique store! I love it! It's great to get opinions but let's all keep in mind, they are your own opinions and everybody can do whatever they want in their own bathrooms. Nobody knows every detail behind this bathroom decor. Maybe she has a lot of visitors often, or maybe she has had hard times up until now and she is so happy making the most of it. IJS. But, on the real to the woman who posted this, I can tell that you work hard on everything you do. Even the small things! I can tell you take pride in your bathroom and it is obvious that you appreciate the beauty in everything. I can see all that from just this video alone. It's great to hear everybody's opinions but if people are being hateful simply because theirs is different from yours, don't even worry about it baby! You're good! Best wishes and good vibes :*

  • yesenia villanueva
    yesenia villanueva 2 anni fa

    Love everything God bless


    I love those shower curtains!Beautiful bathroom. Thanks for sharing..

  • amelia donnell
    amelia donnell 2 anni fa

    Where did you say you ordered the picture frame from? Your bathroom is simply beautiful !!!

  • Cynthia rice
    Cynthia rice 2 anni fa

    You did a great job on that bathroom!!!! Very lovely/elegant!!!😊

  • Young super mommy of 6

    Ppl are really sad SMH. Anywho I love the bathroom, I'm looking to redo my bathroom and will be using a few ideas. The candle idea is amazing you go girlfriend love it.

  • Janice Dunlap
    Janice Dunlap 2 anni fa

    Beautiful, that red is my favorite color. You've done a magnificent job on the bathroom. I would love to have a bathroom like that. Looks like a tipical woman's cave. Lol... I love watching your work keep them coming.

  • Robin Johnson
    Robin Johnson 2 anni fa

    I have those hooks and LOVE them! So easy to replace either the liner, or decorative curtain without needing to take the whole thing down.

  • Silent tuber2
    Silent tuber2 11 mesi fa

    All I can say when I look at this is, "Wow!"

  • Hawaiian Kansan Feindel

    Your vids are great! And your voice is so soothing. New subbie! 💕 from Kansas City

  • Dee Bobbitt
    Dee Bobbitt 2 anni fa

    Your bathroom is lovely! That shower liner is great!! How is sound quality during phone calls? This would make my husband so happy because he hates when I answer my phone in the shower 😄. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Lindy G
    Lindy G 2 anni fa

    Someone else beat me to it by commenting on how soothing your voice is! It's mesmerizing & I absolutely LOVE it!!! ❤ I've seen a few of your DIY videos, but just now subscribed! I'm not as big on bling per se, but I still get SO many amazing ideas from your DIYs & SO much creative inspiration! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents & take care of you! ❤😀