Back to Greg Watts' Roots in Santa Cruz | Watts Happening - Ep. 2 Scarica

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  • 10 apr 2019

  • This episode of Watts Happening, Greg Watts heads back to his roots in Santa Cruz, California. He was born and raised in the epic MTB area so it was great for Greg to hang with some old friends, ride some familiar spots, and fish! Watch as he visits long gone spots like the Post Office where he did his first backflip and checks out newer ones with R Dog like the Cunningham Bike Park and the Cliff Jumps. Later Greg gets his Boot’r to meet up with his dad and Tyler McCaul for a quick loop on some familiar terrain. Til next time when you’ll see Greg at Highland bike park in New Hampshire… This is Watts Happening! Subscribe: Find all the best adventure content right here on our YouTube channel and across all of our social media platforms: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: For more information on how you can get Outside TV in your home be sure to visit our website: And download our FREE app: Outside TV Features - available everywhere! Have your own adventure video you want to share with the world? Submit it to Campfire for a chance to win awesome prizes every month!