Audio Tape Proves Trump Called Meghan Markle ‘Nasty’ | NowThis Scarica

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  • 4 giu 2019

  • President Trump has repeatedly denied calling Meghan Markle ‘nasty’ even though it’s on tape. » Subscribe to NowThis: In US news and world news now, the President Trump lies in need of a desperate Trump fact check roll on. This time on the Trump twitter, President Trump is claiming that he never called Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle nasty. In reality, leaked audio from a Trump interview confirms that he did insult the member of the royal family. This Trump tape confirms that Trump is lying about this President Trump Meghan Markle nasty news. In Trump news today, President Trump arrives in UK for an official state visit where he met with members of the royal family. 2019 has been a roller coaster for the Trump administration and White House. #Trump #MeghanMarkle Connect with NowThis » Like us on Facebook: » Tweet us on Twitter: » Follow us on Instagram: » Find us on Snapchat Discover: NowThis is your premier news outlet providing you with all the videos you need to stay up to date on all the latest in trending news. From entertainment to politics, to viral videos and breaking news stories, we’re delivering all you need to know straight to your social feeds. We live where you live. @nowthisnews


  • NPC #76
    NPC #76 1 anno fa

    Many celebrities think the same thing, she seems fake, his sisters wife is much nicer

  • Taylor Fenoglio
    Taylor Fenoglio 1 anno fa

    All I want to know is why we have a clip edited in with other clips out of context, how am I supposed to know anything with something that has absolutely 0 contexts and has other audio files added on top of it?

  • Dante Crailman
    Dante Crailman 1 anno fa

    This is not the first time he got caught on tape doing remarks to women.

  • oldyyy
    oldyyy 1 anno fa

    How about playing the full context, you dirty, dirty smear merchants.

  • Brenda Maki
    Brenda Maki 1 anno fa

    he said he didnt know

  • Joey Martinez
    Joey Martinez 1 anno fa

    Even though he is caught on tape he’ll still say he never said that once a liar always liar. And his supporters are to dumb to see this.

  • Garrett Freeman
    Garrett Freeman 1 anno fa

    Lemme guess, Fake News...

  • Brandon Russo
    Brandon Russo 1 anno fa

    Lol wow reaching much?

  • Jon Kline
    Jon Kline 1 anno fa

    Why do we care about the royals?

  • V. Lee Walker
    V. Lee Walker 1 anno fa


  • Sue Jacobs
    Sue Jacobs 1 anno fa

    Oh my life! The whole unedited piece is online and you should be ashamed of this hack job. Disgraceful!!!

  • Nicolas Gilly
    Nicolas Gilly 1 anno fa

    Incredible 😂

  • V S
    V S 1 anno fa

    This is news?

  • Totis Iturralde
    Totis Iturralde 1 anno fa

    He’s a big fat liar, what can we expect? He’s overwhelmed by the power of his presidency and he thinks he’s above the law.

  • Piromyśl
    Piromyśl 1 anno fa

    Oh, no. Trump said something mean about someone who just happened be a woman....

    ISAAC WILLIAMS 1 anno fa


  • Electric Rune Games

    Since this is George Orwell Land now, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the President is double-plus un-good...

  • codematrix
    codematrix 1 anno fa

    Play the whole recording. You're leaving out the context which is misleading.

  • jasmine Camacho
    jasmine Camacho 1 anno fa

    Impulsive liar

  • Jerome Gil Argonza
    Jerome Gil Argonza 1 anno fa

    Another fake news on the road hahahhahahaa