AMAZING 100$ Bill Envelope FOOLED Penn and Teller on Fool Us Scarica

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  • 6 apr 2016

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  • Best Mentalism
    Best Mentalism 2 settimane fa

    Thank you so much to you for reaching more than 1+ Million views !

  • Arcade Matt
    Arcade Matt 4 anni fa

    Def. special envelopes... when he was upset pen + teller were looking at an envelope, kinda made me suspicious...

  • John Rivera
    John Rivera 4 anni fa

    I think his comedy act was better than the magic trick itself. I didn't really get the magic trick as much but I loved his comedy act.

  • Neill Drake
    Neill Drake 4 anni fa


  • ItsSiex
    ItsSiex 4 anni fa

    Does anyone else find it wierd that this british dude has "100 pounds" in one of the envelope but refers to the other as the "0 dollar bill"

  • Sam Zheng
    Sam Zheng 4 anni fa

    why is the quality like it was recorded with an eggplant?

  • kaleege
    kaleege 4 anni fa

    All 5 envelopes had 0 dollar bills. There was a 6th envelope with 100 pounds which he kept hiding behind the others. In the end, he didn't need to slide anything into any envelope, just stack 2 envelopes tightly together, flip them over and reveal. He didn't lie either.

  • SaberofSpades
    SaberofSpades 4 anni fa

    Gems are truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly, truly outrageous.

  • exaMAB
    exaMAB 4 anni fa


  • John Tackett
    John Tackett 3 anni fa

    He has a fantastic stage presence. With his jokes and flow of thought like speech, he seems to grab instant and intent attention.

  • Andrei Lazar
    Andrei Lazar 3 anni fa

    "So many girls, you had to choose the envelope" -- Golden

  • Phillip Winkler
    Phillip Winkler 4 anni fa


  • Rr
    Rr 4 anni fa

    He looked so nervous. So glad he made it!

  • Kyle Rendar
    Kyle Rendar 4 anni fa

    I've seen this guy live 6 times 😂 the last time I seen him, he said he had fooled pen and teller, then continued to do the trick! Except I think he ended up with 'Something' so I really don't know how he did it! He's really nice, and hilarious too! Love him!

  • 228subawe
    228subawe 4 anni fa

    The trick is good, but the link in the video is not related to this magician or this trick.

  • Isabelle Iris Wilson

    "AMAZING 100$ Bill Envelope..."

    FUNERAL BILL II 2 anni fa

    When Teller is fooled, it's a good trick!!

  • Hezekiah Domowski
    Hezekiah Domowski 4 anni fa

    Penn and Teller look young :P they have aged in the current season 3!

  • Mass Defect
    Mass Defect 3 anni fa

    There are so many great acts on Fool Us, but this is my favourite. John Archer is hilarious.

  • Happy John
    Happy John 5 mesi fa