All Overwatch Animated Shorts in Chronological Order【Overwatch Cinematic】 Scarica

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  • 2 nov 2019

  • I compiled and edited every Overwatch cinematic as of November 02, 2019 into a single chronological* video for your viewing pleasure. 0:00 – Blizzard Logo 0:17 – "The Last Bastion" 7:10 – "Hero" 13:23 – "Are You With Us?" 14:57 – "Recall" 22:35 – "Alive" 28:37 – "Rise and Shine" 38:21 – "Overwatch Cinematic Trailer" 44:04 – "Dragons" 51:45 – “Honor and Glory” 58:56 – “Reunion” 1:06:49 – "Roadtrip" 1:07:29 – "Shooting Star" 1:15:03 – "Infiltration" 1:20:58 – "Zero Hour" 1:28:44 – "We Are Overwatch" 1:29:39 – Credits Bonus, Non-Canon Cinematics 1:30:19 – Hanamura Showdown 1:32:19 – Dragons of the Nexus *based loosely on this reddit post --- Twitch!


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    Mei: goes to sleep for 9 years

  • poprtervu uwu
    poprtervu uwu 5 mesi fa

    Blizzard could totally make an over watch movie and everyone would see it

  • Kelvin Steffensen
    Kelvin Steffensen 4 mesi fa

    Does this mean overwatch is back?

  • Harry Smart
    Harry Smart 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    Friend: Hey what’s your favorite movie?

  • The Person
    The Person 1 mese fa

    Appreciate the fact that there isn’t a single ad in this video

  • ItsCaiden
    ItsCaiden 3 mesi fa


  • Mei
    Mei 5 mesi fa

    I would totally watch a series with this style animation

  • Alex
    Alex 1 mese fa

    Ashe: *experiences minor setback

  • Kuro05
    Kuro05 4 mesi fa

    That one guy in the Dva short forever in the friendzone

  • NineDxD
    NineDxD 4 mesi fa

    I really shouldnt have cried so much during this, but I did.

  • andythepanhead
    andythepanhead 4 mesi fa

    Everytime i see these shorts, i think of the great story this game could have told. Then blizzard said, "no, lets make and encourage a more toxic competitive community than LoL"

  • camron leblanc
    camron leblanc 4 mesi fa

    athena: virus- quarantined

  • sarah l.
    sarah l. 10 mesi fa

    i forget how adorable bastion is because of how annoying it is to play against him

  • Jin Wu
    Jin Wu 1 mese fa

    Imagine having thousands of bastions just one is annoying enough

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger 3 mesi fa

    Tbh, I get choked up every time Winston says “you already know this” with a sad sigh.

  • luisthewild1
    luisthewild1 3 mesi fa


  • Bloomz
    Bloomz 5 mesi fa

    "Never accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see it for what it could be"

  • Sheorajek
    Sheorajek 6 mesi fa

    all of mei’s friends die

  • Dream Force 151 Community and Gaming

    Lol, the french police woman: "does this mean overwatch is coming back?"

  • Kasper Brans
    Kasper Brans 5 mesi fa

    Im still getting chills from the winston clip “the world needs us now, more then ever!” Such an powerfull voice and message