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  • 6 ott 2019

  • 🎵 Ali Gatie - Used to You (Lyrics) ⏬ Download / Stream: 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads! 👉Ali Gatie: ⭐️7clouds: ......... 🎤 Lyrics: Ali Gatie - Used to You [Verse 1] How am I supposed to be alright? Ever since we split apart, no I'm not doin' fine And I can't lie, my life's been really hard It's difficult to see the light when life is feeling dark [Chorus] I got used to you Yeah I got used to you Yeah I got used to you To you and I I got used to you Yeah I got used to you Yeah I got used to you So losin' you it hurts inside (It hurts inside) [Verse 2] There's nothing harder than- Losing the one you love the most But if I had a chance I'd try again, I'd try some more I feel it in my chest I feel it in my bones I know I'm used to pain, it just never hurts like this before [Chorus] I got used to you Yeah I got used to you Yeah I got used to you To you and I I got used to you Yeah I got used to you Yeah I got used to you So losin' you it hurts inside ......... 📷 Wallpaper: ......... 📧Contact: ......... #AliGatie #UsedToYou #Lyrics


  • 7clouds
    7clouds 11 mesi fa

    Did you lose someone you loved the most? 😢

  • Kamal Haqeem
    Kamal Haqeem 11 mesi fa

    My brother: That's a nice beat drop.

  • Kay B
    Kay B 5 mesi fa

    My boyfriend. cheated on me. I planned my whole life with him. He was supposed to be my ride or die, we've been through so much together, i really got used to him. I got used to waking up next to him and feeling his warmth, I got used to trusting him so much I hadn't even. thought of looking through his phone for ages. I gave him everything I had and got him things I couldn't even afford at the time. Shit really happens to the best of people. This hits too hard. /3

  • icy iseewhy
    icy iseewhy 11 mesi fa


  • clark kent
    clark kent 11 mesi fa

    My gf broke up with me a week ago.

  • Melika Arshadi
    Melika Arshadi 7 mesi fa

    I can relate to this song on such a deep level that I’m actually crying right now

  • brvkenly
    brvkenly 11 mesi fa

    “It’s just never hurt like this before” 💔

  • Syafiq Iman
    Syafiq Iman 8 mesi fa

    She left me with the word "i dont have feelings to you"

  • Emziii
    Emziii 11 mesi fa

    Ali Gatie Never Disappoint. He always had bangers for broken hearted.

  • Annie Hogg
    Annie Hogg 10 mesi fa

    Yes I did loose someone I loved it hurt I was with him for 3&1/2 years it bloody broke my heart so much I had panic attacks for 3 days I couldn’t eat I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t even go to work because I couldn’t even concentrate with my work

  • Adrian Lerma
    Adrian Lerma 11 mesi fa

    My girlfriend that I was with for 2 years just broke up with me 😓

  • najihahaha
    najihahaha 11 mesi fa

    'i know im used to pain , it just never hurts like this before' this hit me hard

  • Tammy Daniel
    Tammy Daniel 6 mesi fa

    This is exactly how my daughter felt about her exleaving her...

  • BADY
    BADY 10 mesi fa

    I'm so obsessed with someone I want to be a friend with😢

  • Ki Ki Vlogs
    Ki Ki Vlogs 3 mesi fa

    my boyfriend the one i loved the most broke up with me to get with my best friend this shit reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy hits hard

  • Saravanan Manivanan
    Saravanan Manivanan 11 mesi fa

    This song is for the one who left me without any doubt and hesitations in her heart..I wonder what makes it so easy and simple for you to just go away like that

  • Safiyah Ibrahim
    Safiyah Ibrahim 11 mesi fa

    I just broke up and i relate to this on an another level 🥀💔😞

  • Payton Edits15
    Payton Edits15 8 mesi fa

    My boyfriend broke up with me and I cry😭

  • Isela love
    Isela love 11 mesi fa


  • Calvin Lourembam
    Calvin Lourembam 10 mesi fa

    My girlfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago and i am clinging to this💔💔💔💔💔😪😪😪😪😪tq ali gatie💔💔😭