ADELE- Make You Feel My Love cover by: Ally Salort Scarica

Invia ai tuoi amici
  • 25 lug 2018

  • Instrumental:


  • Hadiyyah Hayat
    Hadiyyah Hayat 1 anno fa

    I’m being so serious this girl has to have the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard

  • Mamba
    Mamba 1 anno fa

    Everything about her voice is perfect

  • Bobbi Poittris
    Bobbi Poittris 2 anni fa

    Omg your voice is amazing ! Keep the covers coming !!💕

  • Kaitlyn Sings
    Kaitlyn Sings 1 anno fa

    YOUR VOICE MAKES ME UGHHHHH ITS SOOO GOOODD btw im literally listening to all your covers lol THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD

  • Tenzin
    Tenzin 1 anno fa

    Can u cover all I ask? By Adele

  • Lucy Hinchco
    Lucy Hinchco 1 anno fa

    i dont think ive ever been more in love with someones voice

  • Mj Cerbito
    Mj Cerbito 1 anno fa

    When the rain is blowing in your face

  • Amy mon
    Amy mon 1 anno fa

    Oh my days ur voice is actually an inspiration

  • Holly Joyce
    Holly Joyce 1 anno fa

    This song has always meant so much to me and I soon as you started singing I had instant chills and tears. I hope you blow up soon girl you honestly have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard ❤️

  • sm
    sm 1 anno fa

    stalking you because your voice is actually mind blowing, keep it up love, you're going places 3

  • Isabella Figueroa
    Isabella Figueroa 1 anno fa

    This girl needs to go viral!

  • T G
    T G 10 mesi fa

    Wow this made me sad I love it! Amazing voice! Need her to cover “I love you” by billie :(

  • Justin James
    Justin James 1 anno fa

    One of Bob Dylan’s greatest songs. Good job.

  • Gabby Stowe
    Gabby Stowe 1 anno fa

    This song suits your voice SO well! 😍

  • Heidi Peterman
    Heidi Peterman 1 anno fa

    Effortless 😍😍

  • Maryam
    Maryam 2 anni fa

    Amazing ❤

  • Eddi Hackmann
    Eddi Hackmann 6 mesi fa

    honestly a special singer. feel special cause you are!!

  • Māla’e.ākea14
    Māla’e.ākea14 1 anno fa

    I want to meet you in person!! YOU ARE AMAZING 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Dani Otero
    Dani Otero 1 anno fa


  • ZeeViews
    ZeeViews 3 mesi fa

    ahhh someone help me!!!! . my ears is in heaven