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  • 22 mag 2017

  • for practicing purpose only...


  • YGEN
    YGEN 1 anno fa

    One of the best i ever watched...

    GGBOI 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Who's here in 2020??

  • Julia Mimi
    Julia Mimi 10 mesi fa

    Travolta: How much cocaine should we use while making this movie?

  • mujib manna
    mujib manna 1 anno fa

    I was the first one to watch this in cinema 1997 at Elephant and castle in Connect

  • Ahmed Mayaz
    Ahmed Mayaz 8 mesi fa

    حد بيتفرج من 2019 ارزع لايك

  • Bogart Facundo
    Bogart Facundo 1 anno fa (modificato)

    I remember when this movie was release, all name used in the Counterstrike is Caster Troy for terrorist and Sean Archer for counter terrorist..haha

  • Simz ephraim
    Simz ephraim 1 anno fa

    2019 any one?

  • denis dralec
    denis dralec 1 anno fa

    Dominique Swain mmmmmm...

  • Marian Balino
    Marian Balino 1 anno fa

    2 magnificent actors and a good script, excellent director. Blockbuster movie.

  • Kazmo Musiq
    Kazmo Musiq 1 anno fa

    Remember watching this on crassest about ten years ago🙌

  • Person9
    Person9 1 mese fa

    Nicolas Cage is unironically amazing here

  • Fern Fokes
    Fern Fokes 1 anno fa

    Me I'm here watching in 2019 and I love this movie. Nicholas Cage and John Travolta like how good was that. Action and plot all brilliant. It will never get old.😎😎😎😎😎

  • Kevin Pascall
    Kevin Pascall 11 mesi fa


  • Hi Hk
    Hi Hk 1 anno fa

    Watch this several times one of my favorite movie

  • Samuel Ferrer
    Samuel Ferrer 1 anno fa

    This movie is like the girl you can't let go ...

  • Gemma Estrella
    Gemma Estrella 1 anno fa

    i dont know how many times i've watch this film but wth still love to watch this😊😍

  • Jason Cummings
    Jason Cummings 1 anno fa

    The 1990's was for movies as the 80's was for music.

  • Gen Gen
    Gen Gen 1 anno fa

    I remember my childhood with this movie.

  • Vladmir Putin
    Vladmir Putin 1 anno fa


  • kendall Marfori
    kendall Marfori 11 mesi fa

    You know how great an actor is when they can play protagonist and antagonist at the same time. In one movie.