A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Fall On Me (Official Lyric Video) Scarica

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  • "Fall On Me" with A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera out now! Listen here: https://agreatbigworld.ffm.to/fallonme Follow A Great Big World online: https://twitter.com/AGreatBigWorld https://www.instagram.com/agreatbigworld https://www.facebook.com/agreatbigworld/ http://www.agreatbigworld.com/


  • Roberto Guerricchio
    Roberto Guerricchio 11 mesi fa


  • Jonathan Seronato
    Jonathan Seronato 11 mesi fa

    Twenty years being a fighter and Christina still can make me cry. Thank you for this opportunity and I'm so proud of you. The song and you deserves the world.

  • Daniel Rodríguez
    Daniel Rodríguez 11 mesi fa

    This song deserves to be even bigger than Say Something. Cannot wait for the video!!!

  • Mis dos centados pendejos


  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 11 mesi fa

    We want the official video!!!

  • Melissa J
    Melissa J 11 mesi fa (modificato)

    She deserves way more credit than she gets. She is a phenomenal singer with amazing talent and a huge heart! He's amazing also!

  • Opo Lolo
    Opo Lolo 11 mesi fa

    Queen Christina Aguilera 💙

  • Brent Barrus
    Brent Barrus 10 mesi fa

    Are we just going to ignore that Andrea Bocelli wrote and released this song last year with his son. Isn't it a cover?

  • Edmund Hall
    Edmund Hall 11 mesi fa

    Ian, Chad, keep them coming. We need more of your music in the world.

  • Secret Soul
    Secret Soul 11 mesi fa

    Thanks guys, love this track... But i wish more promotion to radio stations and other places around the world so more people will enjoy it. Good luck, may it be a smash hit before or early next year. Much love to you n Xtina.

  • Sir Henry
    Sir Henry 11 mesi fa

    Strikes a cord at "I close my eyes and I'm seeing you everywhere. I step outside its I'm breathing you in the air. I can feel you're there". Perfect harmonies.

  • Deedster007
    Deedster007 11 mesi fa

    “Fly like a cannonball straight to my soul

  • Christine Joy Carrillo

    I love how this gives me goosebumps like the winter's breeze but we don't have winter here. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Kristian Rogers
    Kristian Rogers 11 mesi fa

    Oh wow this is like finding Easter Eggs under the Christmas Tree 👍🎵😀

  • Maisy-Jayne Wiggett
    Maisy-Jayne Wiggett 11 mesi fa

    Having major flashbacks to Say Something

  • jesus sanchez
    jesus sanchez 11 mesi fa

    Christina Aguilera 👑🇲🇽❤️

  • Pretty Ricky
    Pretty Ricky 11 mesi fa

    People NEED to start supporting real music and send this song to radio and get it charting on Billboard Hot 100. Ridiculous that we have this type of music out there, and it’s not charting! As fans let’s support it! Request it to radio! Keep sharing and streaming! ♥️

  • Christina Maria Aguilera

    17h for the premiere? The song and its lyrics have been out for ages😭 but I'm glad yall giving it the treatment it deserves.

  • Lima Charlie
    Lima Charlie 11 mesi fa

    This is absolutely beautiful, what a great song for Christmas 2019. 👍

  • wael
    wael 11 mesi fa

    this is epic you guys should always collab its always a blessing