84 Year Old Stuck In Desert For 5 Days Scarica

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  • 16 feb 2011

  • Henry Morello talks about being stranded in the Arizona desert and what he did to survive.


  • Prepare2Survive
    Prepare2Survive 9 anni fa

    @SustenanceNCovering You've already demonstrated to me above average reasoning and I get the impression that you'll always retain that ability.

  • Prepare2Survive
    Prepare2Survive 9 anni fa

    @backwoods223 exactly, a blanket, some water and a little food goes a long way.

  • Waldhandwerk - Bushcraft Survival

    Great story, many thanks for posting my friend. Great old man ; ) All the best Sepp

  • Prepare2Survive
    Prepare2Survive 9 anni fa

    @steelhorses2004 yeah, but that guy can't walk without a cane so he wasn't able to wonder off.

  • ewtoutdoors
    ewtoutdoors 9 anni fa

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day.

  • Prepare2Survive
    Prepare2Survive 9 anni fa

    @firearms1894 I agree, he kept himself occupied with reading the manual and kept his hopes up by praying.

  • SNAFU111999
    SNAFU111999 9 anni fa

    Great story!

  • sethzky77
    sethzky77 8 anni fa

    tough old bastard. awesome and good for him.

  • backwoods223
    backwoods223 9 anni fa

    Wow, what an awesome story. Just goes to show how important it is to keep supplies in your vehicle.

  • steelhorses2004
    steelhorses2004 9 anni fa

    @backwoods223 yep keep at least 3 gallons water, blanket, down jacket, first aid kit, fire making tools in car. had a 3600 cal bar but i think my wife ate it. need to get another one

  • SustenanceNCovering

    Man, I hope that I'm that lucid when I get dementia, diabetes, dehydration, and oldness.

  • Patrick McGee
    Patrick McGee 9 anni fa

    I no this guys nephew he's our pastor

  • Steintanz
    Steintanz 9 anni fa

    It's always a matter of optimistic world view, it seems ...

  • steelhorses2004
    steelhorses2004 9 anni fa

    amazing story - the will to live is what usually pulls you thru. Lots of people would have just wandered off to die.

  • firearms1894
    firearms1894 9 anni fa

    Also shows the importance of not giving up and continue to survive in the worst of conditions. He used his head and used what was around him to help him survive. Thanks for sharing this story and posting the video.