2020 BMW X5 Fuel Economy Review + Fill Up Costs Scarica

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  • 12 ago 2019

  • We test the fuel economy of the BMW X5. The X5's closest competitors are: - Mercedes GLE - Acura MDX - Lincoln Nautilus - Cadillac XT5 - Audi Q7 - Volvo XC90 - Genesis GV80


  • Almas Nas
    Almas Nas 1 anno fa

    similar to jeep cherokee pentastar engine 3.6L in fuel eco

  • Utsav Mistry
    Utsav Mistry 7 mesi fa

    My X5 Xdrive40d gives me 11.6KM/L

  • The19610211
    The19610211 9 mesi fa

    Was debating to buy 30d or 40i. 40i it is! I’d heard it was frugal but never expected less than 11-13 liters / 100 km. Thanks for the video 😀

  • sartaj singh
    sartaj singh 1 anno fa

    Can u do corrola camry and es300h hybrids??

  • Keshiana Wallace
    Keshiana Wallace 1 anno fa

    Can you do the Buick Encore?

  • iPadGameWalkthrough

    What's the intro song called?

  • François Parent
    François Parent 2 mesi fa

    Use the gasbuddy app and you can log your mileage and fuel purchases and you can closely track your gas mileage. I use it and track all my gas mileage and it trust me it works.

  • Jarovball
    Jarovball 7 mesi fa

    What is your driving style? You try to get the best results or you drive "normally"?

  • Power Stroke PS
    Power Stroke PS 5 mesi fa

    Is it right to Fill the Tank till the filing Neck/ Mouth to test Fuel economy

  • Aa Idris
    Aa Idris 10 mesi fa

    Plz test bmw 435i they tell it's very economical car

  • VaughnKD
    VaughnKD 1 anno fa

    For the driving range, consider adapting it to the fuel light or the last gallon, as no one drives until the tank is empty. That would be closer to a “real world” range. Keep up the good work!

  • Xaliuna's Channel
    Xaliuna's Channel 7 mesi fa

    In italy to fill 77.8 L gas, you pay (1.79/L) =139 euros, which is around US$150. That's 3 times the price in the States. Crazy...

  • François Parent
    François Parent 2 mesi fa (modificato)

    2013 E70 X5 35i with 106k miles I get 35mpg (US gallons) (6.5L/100km) on the highway driving the speed limit (55mph/90km/h) with new spark plugs and running Shell V-Power and Castrol Edge 0W40

  • Ania R
    Ania R 11 mesi fa

    This video is very depressing for me 😟 I have the exactly the same car and this is what I got during my first 4 drives :

  • Kiplin Gordon
    Kiplin Gordon 9 mesi fa

    My friend has the M50i version. His gas mileage is atrocious.

  • Utsav Mistry
    Utsav Mistry 3 mesi fa

    Owner of this car would not care about economy. They just put the car in sport mode and air con on and redlining around 5000 RPM