10 Things Only Fortnite OG's Remember Scarica

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  • 8 gen 2020

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  • 001 grinder duckwrth

    T5G: “just give us some other type of mobility.”

  • Mario kart player 200

    I remember when loot lamas where appreciated and rare

  • XSladeNinja
    XSladeNinja 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    RIP chapter 1 (2017-2019)

  • Aryn Beeson
    Aryn Beeson 8 mesi fa

    t5g how long have you been playing fred?

  • Jon Partridge
    Jon Partridge 8 mesi fa

    It’s the new “only 90’s kids will remember”

  • Mr.Yeti_man 21
    Mr.Yeti_man 21 8 mesi fa

    Number Ten is so true... Rip update night.

  • Lukezamations
    Lukezamations 8 mesi fa

    fortnite 1 players:IM THE KING

  • Zedoop 7
    Zedoop 7 8 mesi fa

    The chug jug, impalse, og map, the of vichels and the og guns

  • 20K Subscribers With One Video Challenge - Prodixy

    Everyone: Let's see whats in the comments today.

  • Nolan Alley
    Nolan Alley 4 mesi fa

    Is he calling me OG for using a chug jug😂

  • Ilyas M. Ahsan
    Ilyas M. Ahsan 1 mese fa (modificato)

    Only True OG's remember when The tac shotgun was called "semi-auto shotgun"

    KICK ASS 8 mesi fa

    Damn! 😢 I'm so nostalgic right now. Remember the bush and the smoke grenade and how people would not build

  • Slim Shady Comments on videos

    Man, I remember when fortnite wasn't filled with sweats.

  • Diego Oliden
    Diego Oliden 1 settimana fa

    Has anyone realized that the Zapotron is basically the Stark Industry Rifle from Chapter 2 Season 4

  • Myles Universe
    Myles Universe 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    T5G: “It does 150 damage!”

  • call in of duty and mincraft 274

    Epic games I really hope that they add back the quadcrashers and the shopping carts and the golf carts

  • Marion The puppet
    Marion The puppet 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    Season 1 and season 2:

  • itzwolfclan 97
    itzwolfclan 97 8 mesi fa

    I remember friendly fire as clear as day because when I played random this one guy team killed me and my friend then revived us wash rince repeat

  • Tommy Evans
    Tommy Evans 8 mesi fa

    I mean the first EVER time that I played was season 4 but there is some thing from season 3 and even 2 that I can remember so I mean I hope I'm counted as an OG but if not then that's fine

  • Senor Big Chungus
    Senor Big Chungus 8 mesi fa

    I was tortured so much from friendly fire